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Shopping online for school uniforms can save time, and money, and dragging your Brisbane Kids around the place. Shopping for uniforms can be fun with the first child but trust me, when you have three children at school you may reconsider your enthusiasm for uniform shopping. Brisbane families are lucky to have the opportunity to do some (if not all) of their uniform shopping online and often there is a chance you will save money to. Below we have listed some of the places you can shop for school uniforms online.

Where to shop online for school uniforms

Where to get cheap school uniforms in Brisbane

If you prefer to shop for your school uniforms in person then take advantage of all the local department stores including Target, Big W, Lowes and Aldi- recent news focus on saving money has shown a complete uniform setup including shoes to fall well under $50- under $20 in some circumstances.

Don’t forget to check with your school- many have second-hand days or a list of second-hand school uniforms available. If your Brisbane Kids have grown out of their uniforms and they are in good condition you should also check on the process of selling your uniforms and perhaps making a small amount towards new uniforms this year.

How many school uniforms should you buy?

This will really depend on your budget, how often you want to wash and how many kids you have at what sizes. We really enjoyed this article from the Organised Housewife which outlined different ways to consider how many uniforms you should buy including advice from parents who have been there done that. For some very busy families, having a uniform for every day of the week is important, for others, having just two can be workable. 

Buying School Shoes in Brisbane

Some things to consider when you buy school shoes for your kids are

    • Can they tie their laces? Even if they can, many teachers of early years students may prefer velcro. There is nothing worse than having to tie the laces of a child who has wet laces (think about that for a moment) or having to tie a lace of one student when 27 other students are made to wait. Sometimes it can be better to practice lace tying on shoes worn outside school first until they can competently tie their own.
    • Do they have any issues with walking? Are they heavy-footed? Do they have a high arch or wide feet? There are lots of issues to consider and it can be worth heading into Athletes Foot for a free assessment which you can read about here.
    • We also like this video from Clarks Australia about the importance of the right fit for kids and some startling information suggesting that up to a 1/3 of school kids have the wrong fitting shoes.

  • What is your budget and will that change throughout the year? If you buy the expensive shoes now, will you be able to afford to replace them if your child grows out of them? You may want to consider putting the difference aside and buying less expensive shoes in anticipation for buying new ones should they grow out (or just as often) wear out.

Labelling your School Uniforms – No Iron Labels

The best thing you can do to protect your investment is to label the uniforms you buy… straight away. Add your mobile number to the label you choose to ensure that there is another option rather than just tracking down your child. We love this very affordable clothing labels you can buy that require no ironing at all!  no iron labels

We would love to hear your experiences with buying school uniforms online. Is there anything that works for you? Any tips or tricks- please do leave your comments below.


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    Here is a second hand school exchange site. http://www.schoolseconds.com.au.

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