The Brisbane Kids Autumn Guide 2020-21

autumn magazine

Finding activities and things to do that don’t cost a fortune over the long, hot summer is not always easy for many Brisbane families, so the Brisbane Kids Summer Guide is just what you need!

The Brisbane Kids Autumn Guide 2020/21

autumn magazine.

(The cover image is The Mill At Petrie)

You told us that you were finding it hard to find all the information you needed in the one spot, a guide or magazine focused purely on activities, events and things to do. This is exactly what the Brisbane Kids Magazine does. It is an activity focused publication. You won’t find parenting articles or information about when your child should be teething. You will find lots of parks and playgrounds, nature play ideas, local events and activities, vouchers to save you money and even free ideas you can do to at home to make the most out of school holidays.

In addition to being a holiday guide, the Brisbane Kids Magazine is also a guide to enjoying Brisbane (and beyond) all year round, filled with 3 months of events, loads of free activities and heaps of ideas for getting out and about at any time of the year with kids. Highlights of our Autumn Guide include:

    • The best walks near Brisbane to watch a sunrise
    • Mega playgrounds
    • All the best Easter events
    • Plan mothers day
    • Autumn movie releases
    • Events over Autumn
    • Museum trail throughout Brisbane
    • Cosy winter giveaways
    • Local vouchers

Coupons and local vouchers

One of the most popular sections of the Brisbane Kids Magazine is our range of local vouchers to help save you money. If you click on the magazine above you can download the magazine (or parts of it) as a pdf and print the vouchers. Savings can be made at a range of activities including skating, bowling, plaster activities, dairy tours, sports parks, play centres, go-karting, games cafes, putt-putt, trampolining, kayaking and even an ocean life show.

If you are looking for discounts and deals across theme parks and similar locations then just head to our information about local deals and discounts.

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