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If you have a question about advertising or something pertaining to the administration of this website please email

We are a website that advertises activities and events so if you are seeking a particular dance class or other activity then you need to call that specific business as listed on the Brisbane Kids website

Frequently Asked Questions about Brisbane Kids:

Can you book a park for us? No, we can’t book a park for you, you will need to contact the relevant Council where the park is located.

Can you answer questions about classes and activities on your website?  We are not the best people to ask about a specific business, you should always contact a business directly if you are seeking specific information.

Can you help us with specific event information?  We aim to provide all the information you should need, however, if you need more information about an event then you should seek to locate the organisers of those events. We are not able to provide any information beyond what has been provided to us.

If you have an emergency please call 0410381952 but before you call please read the questions above and if in doubt email because we do check this email multiple times a day.

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11 responses to “Contact us”

  1. Hi Brisbane Kids,

    I work at a local child care center in Eagle Farm, as I was browsing over your webpage I noticed you had Child Care Centers and Kindy’s listed above under the Education tab.
    What is the process of submitting my service for consideration to be added to this page?

    Kind Regards

  2. the 18th Daryl according to the website at Sandstone- do we have a date incorrect somewhere?

  3. Eleni Contoleon says:

    Is it possible to list my Family Day Care business with you please?

  4. Sharon Oldfield says:

    Hi Brisbane Kids,

    I’m a qualified Infant Massage Instructor through Infant Massage Australia. My role is to teach parents how to massage their babies. Are there any avenues through your organisation that I could present information to interested parents? Thanks heaps. Sharon.

  5. Alex Sticklen says:

    Hello team,
    I would like to know if you have any cooking class for my 13 y o nephew from next week until early August, 2018?
    Best Regards,

  6. Dot says:

    Could your team please update the ‘kids eat free Brisbane’ article. It is such a useful article especially when it is kept current! I could only find the one from 2012


    • Hi Dot. The article might have begun in 2012 but it is all current content, we just continuously update. We have such a volume of traffic that we can generally rely on any changes to their kids eat free menus to come to us fairly quickly and then updated straight away. I checked atleast 6 randomly for you then and they are all still current. Was there one in particular that you found the detail incorrect?

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