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Nothing says fun and stress in two words like kids parties. Brisbane (is luckily), filled with lots of venues, party entertainers, themed ideas and parks to ensure that you can throw a child’s party and practically just turn up, party and leave. Alternatively, you can host one in your own home, do everything and simply use websites and Pinterest for ideas on how to make your child’s birthday party the most fun it can be!

Brisbane Kids Party Resources

The Brisbane Kids party section is divided into several categories to make it easy for you to find what you are looking and are designed to save you time. Where there is an overlap we have tried to encourage local businesses to list in multiple party categories to ensure you don’t miss out, but to be sure you may want to check “Party Hire” and “Party Themes”, (as an example), as both could achieve the outcome you are looking for.

Party hire and supplies

Head to the Brisbane kids party hire and supplies page for a list of child focussed businesses who hire out everything from equipment to catering supplies.

Party entertainment

Traditional clowns, science parties, music parties, literally there has never been a better time to be alive as a child where party entertainment is concerned and the kids party entertainment page is by far our biggest and fastest growing party category.

Party venues and themes

Party venues abound in Brisbane and some come with themes ready to go while others provide the opportunity for you to choose from themes to make your child’s party as individual as them. We have a list of Kids Party Venues in Brisbane and Kids Party Venues at the Gold Coast.

Party Planners and decorators

There can be a small amount of overlap between this category and a few others but it is becoming more of a specific niche, where party planners come in much like a wedding and organise a kids party from beginning to end. You can find them on our website under parties > party planners and decorators.

Caterers and Cake Makers

Every day we post a cake sent in by a Brisbane parent on our Instagram Page for inspiration but we are also growing a list of local talented kids cake makers who specialise in creating unique and themed cakes for kids celebrations.

Kids Party Ideas

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You can check out our main category on kids party ideas. This is a page filled with ideas from how to host the perfect slumber party right through to party food ideas.

You might be interested in the specific article we have for tweens and teen party ideas in Brisbane. This is a growing article and as we uncover more ideas we add them here.

Finally, head to our map of Brisbane playgrounds and consider a park party. Easy to clean up and if you make it a sausage sizzle, super easy to cater.

Birthday Party Etiquette

Maybe you are new to Australia or maybe you are a new parent, either way, we thought we would take this opportunity to dispel common myths about birthday parties but also some common etiquette mistakes

  • You don’t need to have a party for your child if you don’t want to. Don’t feel pressured. Many families like the low key approach, focusing on the child and using their birthday as an opportunity to celebrate as a family.
  • You don’t need to invite the whole class but if you don’t then quietly give the cards out to parents or teachers and never just exclude one child without really considering the ramifications both for that child and their family but also for your child and what that says to them about future decisions regarding relationships.
  • You should expect RSVP’s but don’t be surprised or offended if you need to follow up. People do not RSVP and yet they still turn up. RSVP by SMS is the best way to ensure maximum return on your RSVP request.
  • You don’t need to provide lolly or gift bags. If you want to that’s ok, but don’t feel pressured.
  • Check for allergies if you can (or add a note on the invitation).
  • If you expect parents to stay you might need to add that to the invite as they approach school age. Expectations for some parents is to drop and run, even though you might expect otherwise.
  • Invitations don’t need to cost a lot and can be printed off the internet using many free programs or just a word program.
  • Save money by providing jugs of cold icy water.
  • Save money by hosting an afternoon party around 3pm where lunch has past and dinner is a long way away.
  • As kids get older you might be able to encourage experience parties with just 1 or 2 friends to places like Lone Pine or Kayaks along the Brisbane river.

Finally you might be interested in seeing checking out the discounts we have for reduced theme park tickets (as well as other experience based activities!).





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