Where To Buy Real Christmas Trees in Brisbane

real christmas trees brisbane

Finding Real Christmas Trees in Brisbane is a tradition that many families relish as part of their Christmas plan.  Indeed, no other day in the annual calendar is celebrated with as much anticipation, excitement and joy than that of Christmas and for many people, it is all they can do NOT to start stringing those lights and decorating their tree well before the twelfth month is upon us.

Why I chose a real Christmas Tree this year

Decorating the Christmas tree has to be up there as a favourite family tradition that marks the start of the Christmas season and for many people, myself included, in the warm land of Brisbane this means grabbing the good old plastic Christmas tree from the shed, dusting her off and getting her ready for display.

This year, though, I am keen to push the Christmas cheer just a little bit further (if that is even possible) and exchange my replica tree for the real deal.  To stop faking it I guess and to entice not only the sweet scents of Christmas pudding and gingerbread men into my house but also that of a live tree as well.   For although our blistering heat may prevent us from a picturesque white Christmas it doesn’t mean I can’t have a live tree just like our wintery overseas pals as well.  And with experts saying it would take about 10-15 years before a fake tree becomes a greener option over the farm-grown ones in terms of climate change and carbon emissions I am more than happy to give it a go.

If you are keen to stop faking it as well then below are the places in and around Brisbane that can supply you with one and also a few helpful facts as well.

Things to know about a real Christmas Tree

1.  If you want to avoid disappointment it is best to book your tree as early as possible.

2.  Some varieties of tree can drop their nettles – which can be a little messy – so if this is something that you are concerned about then it may be a good idea to ask when you order.

3.  A live tree tends to last about 3 weeks if watered daily.

4.  A live tree requires 3-4 litres of water a day.

5.  Some companies suggest adding a couple of spoons of sugar and a teaspoon of kitchen salt to the water – it will provide the tree with nutrients to stay fresh longer.

6.  It helps to shave a few millimetres off the stump of the tree before setting it up as it will allow more water to get into it.

7.  Getting a stand is advisable as it keeps the tree stable and allows water to travel up to the tree easier.

8.  Growing Christmas trees is a very environmentally friendly activity as the trees convert carbon dioxide into oxygen which in turn helps to slow down the greenhouse effect.

9.  Natural Christmas trees are entirely biodegradable and are often reused by tree farms or local governments as wood chips or mulch.

10. Make sure you measure the space for the tree accurately and also make sure you have the same space free around doors and walkways in your house.  Unlike a store-bought one it will not arrive in a packed box!

11. A tree is fresh if the needles look shiny, green and fresh – not dry or brown.

12. It’s a good idea to take one of your ornaments along with you to make sure there is enough room between branches and that they are strong enough to hold it up straight.

Other things you can do with a real Christmas tree

christmas tree craft

If you are crafty you might like to see if you can grab any off-cuts for table centrepieces and wreaths for the front door. The wreath/centrepiece won’t last for long, but long enough for a Christmas party or end of year celebration. Spotlight sell wreath frames, making it easy to just place the green nettles into the frame and produce a masterpiece.

Where Can I Buy My Real Christmas Tree?

Real Christmas Trees

109 Ashgrove Avenue, Ashgrove www.realchristmastrees.com.au This very popular company has been selling Christmas trees to the locals for over 23 years and offer a pick-up, delivery, and removal service.  Their trees are the Monterey Pine variety that does not shed needles and last approximately 3 weeks from collection.   They also stock a huge range of decorations, lights, and ornaments. They have in the past offered tree care packages for purchases of Christmas Trees before December. They also offer a removal service if this is something you will need. 

Chrissy Trees 4 U

Delivery runs from mid-December to set pick up points throughout South East Queensland or you can head to the farm to pick up one yourself.  They have a Facebook page and their trees look nice and full and affordably priced (like farm pricing). You can buy in pots growing or with a stand and for ease of transport, they come netted. Trees range from 5ft, 6ft, 7ft, 8ft, 9ft & 10ft in height and are several years old. http://chrissytrees4u.com.au/

Merry Christmas Trees

Offering gorgeous real Christmas trees at 2 locations, 5/9 Flinders Parade North Lakes and 82 Sugar Road, Maroochydore. You can order online and pick up or arrange delivery for a small fee. http://www.merrychristmastrees.com.au Due to the owners being stuck overseas due to COVID, the North Brisbane branch will not be operating in 2020. 

Gold Coast Christmas Trees

3/25 Leda Drive, Burleigh Heads www.goldcoastchristmastrees.com.au This company works in conjunction with Real Christmas Trees (above) and offers a range of services on top of just the tree.  The team from Gold Coast Christmas Trees also offer a decoration service – be it your tree, a room, your house or your office.  They also offer the ‘Gold Service’ for those who want the works including tree, delivery, professional decorating in your theme (inside and out), led lights and tree removal.

Scouts’ Christmas Tree Fundraiser at Bunnings

Each year, Scout Groups raise much-needed funds for programs, building maintenance, and equipment repairs & purchases through the sale of Christmas trees.  This is usually done from outside Bunnings Warehouse stores on the last weekends before Christmas.  To find out exactly when this is happening and at what stores you are best to contact either your local Bunnings store or Scout group in early December.

Granite Belt Christmas Farm

321 Aerodrome Road, Applethorpe www.granitebeltchristmasfarm.com.au Families are welcome to walk through the avenues of trees and choose one to take home. The cost of the tree depends on its height and whether you require netting to transport it. The main harvest weekend is to be held late November/early December between 9 am and 4 pm each day. (Check their website for event details). During the harvest weekend, there will be all-day BBQs, face painting and visits from Santa. If you miss the harvest weekend, you can still visit the farm throughout December from 9 am until 4 pm to choose your real Christmas tree. The farm grows more than 10 000 trees which are shaped four times per year, so you’re bound to find one that is just right for your home.


Many local nurseries sell potted pines like the Daintree or Radiata that are perfect as a native substitute to the traditional European pine tree.  The best part is, if money is tight, you can choose to keep it as a potted plant and use it year in year out as a family tradition or you can plant it outside after the festive season in your yard.  Alternatively, you could be a little unique and browse the nursery for a plant that appeals to you the most, decorate it for Christmas and then plant it when the new year starts!

Whichever option you choose to go with you are bound to fall in love with your tree when it is finally set up in your home.  There is nothing like the scent and feel of a real live tree and it’s even better when it is brightly lit and gorgeously decorated with excited little hands. If you know of other sources of where you can find Christmas Trees in Brisbane then let us know!

Small real Christmas trees

small real christmas tree brisbane

Buying a real Christmas tree doesn’t mean bigger is better and for many homes with small children or active pets, a smaller tree that can be elevated out of reach is the best idea. 

Check out our must-have Christmas Albums for some music to listen to while you are putting your Christmas tree up!  


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2 responses to “Where To Buy Real Christmas Trees in Brisbane”

  1. Maree Trappett says:

    Nundah Northgate Scout Group ( Northside Brisbane) Are the only Scout group selling real trees this Year
    Size small – XL Cost $15 – $30
    Ph: 0457 097 192 For enquires and to pre-order

    Selling from the Den in Boyd St Nundah 7:30 – 1:00 am Sat 14 Dec & Sat 21 Dec

  2. Paul Gleeson says:

    Hi, further to your article about where to buy Christmas trees in Brisbane, The Morningside Scout Group are selling freshly cut Christmas trees at Bunnings Cannon Hill on Saturday 14-Dec and Saturday 21-Dec from 8:00 to 4:30. We have trees of various sizes and prices. Have a great Christmas!!

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