Where Can I Find a 24 Hour Pharmacy in Brisbane?

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There is nothing more stressful for a parent then to have a sick child and wondering, “Where can I find a 24 Hour Pharamacy in Brisbane”.  Watching your little one go from driving you crazy with their endless energy one minute to complaining of a sore tummy and running high fevers the next is no fun and sometimes it’s like their little bodies are magnets for every germ and illness out there.  Add to that the fact that they tend to get symptoms mostly at night when medical centres and pharmacies are closed and most parents desperation leaves them with what feels like no other choice but to consult with good old Doctor Google….and we all know how THAT is going to turn out.

Finally a 24 hour chemist opens in Brisbane!

If you can relate, as I am sure most of you can, then you are going to love the fact that Greenslopes Private Hospital has just opened Brisbane’s first ever 24 hour pharmacy. The Pharmacy will also provide for the hospital’s onsite Emergency Centre which also operates 24hours a day, 7 days a week- find out how to get there here http://www.greenslopesprivate.com.au/

Whilst there are many late night chemists operating in our great city, the Ramsay Pharmacy is the only full range pharmacy that offers professional services and advice 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Its central location, just 5km south of the city centre, also means that it can easily cater not just for its hospital patients and local community but also for the greater Brisbane areas as well.

This much-needed service and the ability to access a pharmacist and medication around the clock will undoubtedly provide great support and relief to many worried parents who otherwise would have felt helpless to provide assistance to a sick child during overnight hours.  It is also good for parents who do not necessarily need to contact an out-of-hours doctor’s service but need access to medication quickly.

There is no doubt this new 24 hour pharmacy will provide an invaluable service to Brisbane city and will hopefully encourage some more on the other sides of the city.

Late Night Brisbane Pharmacies

For now this is the only 24 Pharmacy but you can find your closest late-night chemist from a list we have created here – and if they are closed when you need them at least you know where there will always be one open and ready to help!

Pharamcy open on Christmas Day


will be OPEN on


BOXING DAY (both 26th & 27th), NEW YEAR’S DAY,

NEW YEAR’S DAY Holiday and

ALL Public Holidays from 8.30am to 9pm

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  1. Andrew Pitchford says:

    Were you aware of Hardings 24 hr pharmacy in Annerley?
    Also you have a spelling mistake in “Pharamcy open on Christmas Day”

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