What To Do With Your Leftover Nappies When You Live In Brisbane

Where to donate leftover nappies in Brisbane

Do you have any leftover, unused disposable nappies in your nappy bag, at the back of a cupboard, in the car? Maybe your little one grew out of a size before you finished the box or you bought a brand that didn’t suit your child. If this is the case, even if it’s just one or two odd nappies lying around, you could make a difference to families in need through The Nappy Collective!

What is The Nappy Collective?

The Nappy Collective is an awesome initiative for collecting and redistributing leftover nappies. It runs three times a year, with collection points throughout Brisbane and nationwide. Members of the public donate their spare nappies by dropping them off at the collection points, and at the end of each collective, the nappies are sorted, packed and distributed to people in need.

The Families The Nappy Collective Helps

Nappies are a basic healthcare necessity for babies and toddlers, but sadly, having sufficient nappies is a luxury for some disadvantaged families. Now, through The Nappy Collective, donated nappies are distributed to organisations such as women’s crisis shelters and refuges, mothers facing homelessness, parenting support organisations and community organisations, to help support these families in crisis or in need. So your donated nappies can help to ease the burden on these families and allow them to focus more of their time and energy on getting their lives back on track.

What Nappies Do They Collect?

Where to donate nappies in Brisbane

All unused, disposable nappies are suitable for collection. Even if they are no longer in a box or packaging, that is fine, as long as they are clean. (However, labelling the size, if known, would be helpful.) Unfortunately, cloth nappies are unsuitable for collection due to the cost and time restraints faced by the families The Nappy Collective assists.

When Are The Collections?

There are currently three collections per year — in February, July and October. For the dates of the next collection, please visit thenappycollective.com.

Where Are The Collection Points?

There are many collection points throughout Australia, where you can drop off your leftover nappies during the collection period. The current collection points in Brisbane are:

More collection points are being added with each collective however, so check out The Nappy Collective website for an updated list.

How Can I Help?

The Nappy Collective is a community-based organisation run entirely by volunteers, so they welcome any interest from individuals and businesses to get involved. If you can give more than just spare nappies, click here to see how you can help.

Even just donating a handful of leftover nappies can collectively make a huge difference!

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