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Wet'n'Wild Junior

Brisbane’s summer hotspot, Wet‘n’Wild has never been better! The Gold Coast Tourist Attraction recently opened an area specifically for kids under 10 year of age, aptly named Wet‘n’Wild Junior. This kids’ waterpark within the theme park is so jam-packed with awesome age appropriate rides, slides and pools that your Brisbane Kids will stay entertained all summer long!

Junior Water Park Features

Wet'n'Wild Junior

Wet‘n’Wild Junior, which opened in September 2014, features pint-sized water slides, a sandcastle-themed lagoon area, and miniature versions of the park’s larger thrill rides, such as the Aqua Racers and the Tornado. Taking the waterplay area to whole other level of fun is the multilevel, interactive play structure Buccaneer Bay – complete with 8 slides, a giant tipping bucket and various water squirting activities.

The Lagoon

Wet'n'Wild Junior

The Wet’n’Wild lagoon is a perfect spot to cool off and splash around in the shallow, child depth water, surrounded by a sandcastle themed wall, complete with turrets. But no castle is complete without defence weaponry! Flexible pipes serve as water cannons to shoot invaders below in the lagoon. Children can be heard all over Wet’n’Wild Junior squealing in delight as the water squirts at them from equally excited defending children firing from the cannons above.

With wide shallow areas, the lagoon is perfect for little ones to explore and swim whilst still being able to touch the bottom at all times. The lagoon pools are connected by bridges and a swim through bridge underpass, which is a huge attraction for all the children in the lagoon with swimmers floating from one section to another under the bridge. Children can hide under the bridge from the above water cannons and plot their takeover plan to secure the sandcastle.

Buccaneer Bay

Wet'n'Wild Junior

Buccaneer Bay, which has been a long-standing and popular feature of the theme park, is now the inspiration around the new Wet’n’Wild Junior. It features a massive play structure with a pirate theme, and truly is something to behold. Featuring 8 water slides, a giant water bucket drop and water squirting all over the place, this play area is sure to be a winner with Brisbane Kids. Children can turn on the interactive water faucets themselves and watch the water flow whilst racing leaves or plastic bath toys—it provides hours of entertainment!

Miniature Rides for Littlies

Wet'n'Wild Junior

The highlight of Wet’n’Wild Junior has to be the wonderful array of rides. There is a miniature Tornado ride that can be ridden by a child and adult together. Just like the full size ride, this Tornado sucks you down and into the eye of a swirling storm. You will spin up and down the sides of the cone shaped ride then plunge through the eye of the storm to the pool at the bottom. This ride is one of the big attractions, with children exiting with the biggest smile on their face and jumping back in line to go again.

Slides for younger children at Wet’n’Wild

Wet'n'Wild Junior

Wet’n’Wild Junior has various hydro-slides with twirling, twisting paths and also wide slippery dip slides to keep the kids cool and amused. The Aqua Racers slide, a smaller version of the similarly-named adult ride at the theme park, sees children lining up along a race track to then slip and slide down the bumpy course to the end. Brisbane Kids will love racing their siblings and friends to the end to be the Aqua Racer champion.

Why Wet’n’Wild Junior is great for families

Wet'n'Wild Junior

Each ride at Wet’n’Wild Junior is perfect for small children. Adults are not able to ride the slides for safety reasons, but the slides are just the right speed and excitement level for kids to enjoy without any fear.

The new attraction is conveniently located close to food outlets, toilets and has ample shaded seating and picnic areas. Sprawl out for a home packed picnic or fill up on the yummy park food—there is plenty of space for everyone.

Wet’n’Wild Junior is the perfect summer cool down adventure. Over flowing with excitement, and filled with splashy entertainment, this new attraction will be a highlight for families for years to come.

Wet’n’Wild Junior Age & Height Restrictions

Wet'n'Wild Junior

Children must be under 140cm in height, and aged under 10 years to utilise the attractions at Wet’n’Wild Junior. Guests with certain medical conditions are also restricted. Please check signage at the entrance to the queue.

Wet’n’Wild is located just off the Pacific Motorway at Oxenford, approximately 45 minutes’ drive south from the Brisbane CBD. Check out wwwwetnwild.com.au for further information.

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