The Best Waterparks in Brisbane

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There is one thing you can count on when living in Brisbane – it is going to be hot. Very hot in Summer, quite hot in Autumn and Spring and still warmish in Winter. This is one of the main reasons waterparks are so popular in South East Queensland, and why they make the perfect place to catch up with family and friends when the weather heats up.

We are definitely spoilt for choice when it comes to waterpark options, with there being a variety of locations dotted around the Brisbane area, and the majority of them being free to use. So, the next time you and the family are looking to have some fun and cool off, pack a picnic and head out to explore some of these magnificent waterparks.

Waterparks (free admission)

South Bank Parklands – Aquativity, South Bank

aquativity at southbank

At South Bank Parklands, the magical charm of water is captured perfectly in the interactive water-play park, known as Aquativity. This water-play area is located on the southern side of Streets Beach and has been a favourite amongst families since opening in 2007. Aquativity is home to fountains, water features, and decorative elements that aim to educate visitors about water cycles by simulating summer storms, rain, and floods.

There is also a bush stream that connects to Aquativity and runs through a large section of the southern part of South Bank Parklands. This stream opens up to a shallow pool, with different water-play elements on either side that include tipping buckets, shooting fountains and outdoor showers. Aquativity is a wonderful location for families to splash, play, learn and enjoy in the outdoors.

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Southbank Parklands – Streets Beach, South Bank

streets beach southbank brisbane

Streets Beach is a man-made swimming beach overlooking the Brisbane River and CBD at South Bank and is currently Australia’s only inner-city beach. Tourists and locals flock to this magical spot where you can cool off, swim, dig in the sand, picnic, and play for free. It features a crystal-clear lagoon with calm water, white sandy beaches, palm trees, and pebbled creeks. Barbeques, picnic tables, and green lawns are located in the surrounding area and are perfect if you want to stay for lunch or dinner. Professional lifeguards are on duty seven days a week (hours subject to change).

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Ferny Grove Aqua Park, Ferny Grove

Ferny Hills Water Park

The Ferny Grove Aqua Park offers an interactive water play environment that is accessible to people of all ages and abilities, featuring a level splash pad area with elevated water-play elements. Children will have a wonderful time playing in the water play area, which includes a huge water bucket, small tipping buckets, a spray tunnel, water cannons, interactive water table, and an overhead spray feature.

There are also a massive 24 ground elements to have fun with, including arch sprays, stream jets, bubblers, misting ground sprayers, and themed sprayers. There is ample seating around the park, BBQ facilities, and toilets, which makes the Ferny Grove Aqua Park the perfect venue for a picnic and an afternoon of fun and games in the water.

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Redcliffe Lagoon (Settlement Cove), Redcliffe

Redcliffe Lagoon at Settlement Cove

The picturesque Redcliffe Lagoon overlooks Moreton Bay and is a wonderful family-friendly destination for swimming. Surrounded by rocky outcrops and palm trees, the larger lagoon is a great space for all to enjoy. It has shallow coves suitable for toddlers, with a graduated depth for all ages. There is a rocky island in the middle of the lagoon that children seem to be drawn to and which keeps them entertained for hours.

Additionally, there is a partially-fenced toddler space where little ones can check out the water mushrooms and climb on the bugs that sprinkle and spray water into the shallow pool. Settlement Cove is very popular in the Summer months, so factor this into your visit and make sure you supervise children closely. Lifeguards are provided during the Summer months.

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Wynnum Whale Park, Wynnum

brisbane fountains playground

The Wynnum Whale Park is a play area that offers lots of fun for the whole family and includes a playground, accessible toilets, shelters, nearby cafes, bike paths and, of course, the waterpark and wading pool. At high tide, the wading pool fills with sea water, providing a safe space for young children to splash about and have fun in the water. A popular element of the water park is the whale pod water spray, which happily sprays the children frolicking below it.

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Orion Lagoon (Springfield Waterpark), Springfield

orion lagoon ipswich

Conveniently located beside Robelle Domain, the Orion Lagoon in Springfield covers a total area of over 3.5km and is one of the largest man-made public swimming areas in the Southern Hemisphere. You can cool off with your Brisbane Kids in the 50m swimming area, whilst the younger children can enjoy the elongated tail end of the Orion Lagoon with an average depth of just 30cm. This area also features play areas such as stepping stones and water jets. What’s even better, lifeguards are often on duty to provide a safe swimming experience for families.

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Robelle Domain, Springfield

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Robelle Domain, situated on 24 hectares and containing more than 11km of boardwalks, sporting fields, walking tracks and playgrounds, is definitely a place where you can relax in the great outdoors and have fun. On a hot day, the waterpark is the place to be and the 7,000-litre tipping bucket is the main drawcard. There are also jet sprays and other water features that will have your Brisbane Kids squealing with delight. Be sure to also check out the neighbouring Orion Lagoon.

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Rocks Riverside Park, Seventeen Mile Rocks

rocks riverside park waterplay

In the warmer months, Rocks Riverside Park at Seventeen Mile Rocks is a popular place for local families to enjoy. Featuring a toddler-friendly water play area with shallow pools and water trickling through the meandering man-made watercourse, the park is a brilliant place to splash about and get wet. When the kids are done, they can dry off on the flying fox, dig in the sandpit, ride their bike or scooter, or just kick a ball in the wide-open grassy spaces.

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Darlington Parklands, Yarrabilba


Dubbed a ‘super park’, one of the standout areas of Darlington Parklands in Yarrabilba is the amazing waterpark, which includes unique water play activities and shallow pools for kids to splash and cool down in. The water fountains feed ‘streams’ that flow downhill into a larger pond. When the kids are done in the waterpark, explore the amazing surrounding parklands and the array of brilliant equipment (twin flying fox, climbing dome, sandpit, swings, and slides) that will be sure to excite the little ones.

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Flagstone Water Park

flagstone water park

Flagstone Water Park is an impressive sight, featuring 3 tree-like structures of various sizes all providing different water forms of water fun including jets, waterfalls and tipping buckets all connected by a  single watercourse.  It is located near Jimboomba, around 45 minutes south of Brisbane and forms part of the larger Flagstone Adventure Playground which is located in the same vicinity. 

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Hercules Street Park Hamilton

water play hamilton

We weren’t sure whether this one should make the list, but it does include a fun fountain type sprinkler system that complements a multilevel playground. The waterplay at Hercules Street Park Hamilton is limited to some L shapes structures that spray cool water. The playground alongside it is impressive in the amount of climbing, sliding and tunnel adventuring opportunities it offers. 

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Logan Gardens Water Park

Logan Gardens water play park bucket

Logan Gardens Water Park features a level splash pad area that provides access for all with 4 water play zones – a huge water bucket with pond, a totem spray forest, a pop jet plaza and a raised water table. 

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Waterparks (paid admission)

Runcorn Pool and Water Park, Runcorn

runcorn splash pool for toddlers

The Runcorn Pool has just undergone a major upgrade and now includes a brand-new water park that’s perfect to splish and splash in on a hot day. Facilities include an outdoor 25m lap pool, a heated 14m indoor leisure therapy pool, an indoor learn to swim pool and, of course, the fully fenced water park. The water park is tucked away behind the main pool and boasts waterslides, water jets, fountains and plenty of opportunities for fun and imaginative waterplay. There is plenty of seating dotted around the area and a fully equipped café is on-site for snacks and drinks.

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Chermside Aquatic Centre, Chermside

waterslides at chermside

Chermside Pool is a large public pool complex that caters for anyone looking to cool off this summer. Not only does it feature a 25m heated outdoor lap pool, it has an awesome water park offering a day’s entertainment for less than a ticket to the cinema. The water park has multiple waterslides, and a lagoon play area featuring kids’ slides, water mushrooms, drop buckets and bubblers—something for all ages. The complex offers lots of shaded areas with tables and chairs and a cafe. A full day of fun and aquatic activities for the whole family to swim, slide, splash and tire your Brisbane Kids out.

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Albany Creek Leisure Centre, Albany Creek

Swimming Pool with water slide

Splash around at the Albany Creek Leisure Centre with their many aquatic attractions to keep all children entertained for hours. Enjoy the lagoon area with the kids, or brave the giant slide. There’s also a ‘Rapid River’ – a watercourse using water jets to create a current that keeps the kids amused for ages! The leisure pool itself is a gradual entry that is suitable for the little kids too. The Little Water Wonderland area is accompanied by a junior water slide, water spouts and mushroom fountains, and is fantastic for families with young children. The water slide and Rapid River operate over summer from 10am – 4pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

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Wet ‘n’ Wild, Oxenford

Wet'n'Wild Junior

If you are visiting the ever-popular theme parks on the Gold Coast, be sure to spend the day at Wet ‘n’ Wild. Children and adults of all ages will be entertained with a variety of waterslides, adventure rides, whirlpools, a wave pool and Dive ‘n’ Movies at special times throughout the year. There is even a separate area designed specifically for the little ones – Wet ‘n’ Wild Junior.

Wet ‘n’ Wild Junior is part of ‘Wet ‘n’ Wild’, and caters to children under the age of ten. It is jam-packed with awesome age-appropriate rides, slides, and pools, and features pint-sized water slides, a sandcastle-themed lagoon area, and miniature versions of the park’s larger thrill rides such as the Aqua Racers and the Tornado. Taking waterplay to a whole new level is the multilevel, interactive play structure Buccaneer Bay – complete with eight slides, a giant tipping bucket and various water squirting activities.

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WhiteWater World, Coomera

white water world waterslides

Conveniently located beside Dreamworld on the Gold Coast, WhiteWater World is a haven for Brisbane Kids wanting to get wet and soak up the Queensland sun. WhiteWater World hosts a variety of water-based rides for the thrill-seekers and those that prefer a tamer ride. Popular thrill rides include the Triple Vortex, The BRO, The Green Room and The Wedgie, whilst favourites amongst the smaller children include Wiggle Bay, The Little Ripper, and The Pipeline Plunge. Summer 2019/20 also sees the opening of six brand new waterslides at WhiteWater World, dubbed ‘Fully 6’.

Water Safety at Waterparks

As with any area which contains water, please make sure children are supervised closely at all times by a responsible adult.

Waterpark Top Tips

  • Make sure you wear plenty of sunscreen and reapply where necessary
  • Pack lots of food and water (having fun in the water is bound to create large appetites)
  • Have a pair of waterproof shoes available to use in case the ground is extra hot
  • Don’t forget the towels and a wet bag
  • Protect delicate young skin with sensible swimwear, rashies, and hats
  • Leave precious, non-waterproof items at home

Now you’ve checked out all the waterparks in Brisbane, why not work your way through our list of public pools?

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