Best Free Water Parks In Brisbane For Kids

Best Free Water Parks In Brisbane For Kids

This article is all about FREE fun water play locations and places with water features that are fun and entertaining, including free water parks for Brisbane Kids and places for families built around the concept of water. As Brisbane parents, we understand you need options that don’t cost a lot of money, that get the kids outside and cater for a range of ages and swimming ability.

Many Brisbane Leisure Centres and Public Swimming Pools now feature loads of water play features, making them very similar to a water park. These locations can be found on our list of swimming pools.

South Bank Lagoon & Aquativity

aquativity south bank

south bank lagoon

Water play and swim in the city | Enjoy the Parklands | Numerous dining opportunities

South Bank Lagoon is definitely one of the best water parks for Brisbane Kids. Its a  free water park and it is located right in the middle of the city. Surrounded by parklands, and right next to the Wheel of Brisbane, you will find a WOW playground at South Bank and a WOW Aquativity water play place for your Brisbane Kids to enjoy. With BBQ facilities and amenities, this is a great day out for the whole family.

The South Bank Lagoon itself is big, with a man-made beach, and has an array of fun fountains as well as varying water depths. It is also patrolled by lifeguards seven days a week throughout the warmer months and, best of all, overlooks the majestic Brisbane City. Any Brisbane Kid would be impressed by this water play place as would any adult!

Redcliffe Lagoon or Settlement Cove

redcliffe lagoon

Water play at the bay | BBQ | Playground fun | Lounging around

Redcliffe Lagoon is on the Northside of Brisbane and is a popular getaway for Brisbane families wanting some FREE and fun water play with their Brisbane Kids. There are slides, fountains and a lovely ocean theme for Brisbane Kids to enjoy. It is a water park with heaps of shade, BBQ facilities, a playground and lots of room to swim with varying depths. It’s also accommodating for disabled Brisbane Kids with ramped entry to the pool. Water Parks for Brisbane Kids are all about taking some time away from the hustle and bustle, and Redcliffe Lagoon is perfect for families looking for a whole day out. Finish off your fun day out with some yummy local fish and chips or a swim in the ocean nearby. There are 2 fenced playgrounds nearby including Suttons Beach and Pirates Playground which you can find listed on our website.

Ferny Grove Aqua Park

Ferny Grove Water Park

Water Play Place | Awesome picnic location | Accessible 

A new edition to the list, the Ferny Grove Aqua Park is a wonderful free water play area on the Northside of Brisbane. Ferny Grove Aqua Park features a level splash pad area which provides access for all with elevated water-play elements including discharge bucket, small tipping buckets, spray tunnel, water cannons, and an overhead spray feature. There are a massive 24 ground elements including arch sprays, stream jets, bubblers, misting ground sprayers, and themed sprayers. Accessibility has been further considered in the design with an interactive water table that provides wheelchair access as well as toddler play.

Robelle Domain, Springfield

robelle domain

Water Play Place | Awesome picnic location | Bike riding | Cafe | Playground

Robelle Domain is an amazing attraction in Springfield, being a huge WOW playground with a cafe built right in the middle. There are loads of fountains and different water features, not to mention a huge parkland with numerous places to have a picnic. Robelle Domain often holds events for families so always a good idea to check the Ipswich City Council Website for updated information. For details on how to get there and a complete review of the playground, head to our playground review of Robelle Domain.

Orion Lagoon

Image courtesy of Springfield Land Corporation

Image courtesy of Springfield Land Corporation

Orion Lagoon

Water play place | Next door to Robelle Domain | Next to Shopping Centre

Just across from Robelle Domain is the epic Orion Lagoon that will excite the most seasoned Water Park enthusiasts. It is still in its infancy so shade is lacking a bit but aside from that, it is a destination water park for families that will ensure a fun day out.

Rocks Riverside Park

rocks riverside

Water play place | Picnic in the park

Rocks Riverside Park at Seventeen Mile Rocks is more of a toddler paddling paradise than a pool. With numerous bathing pools, fountains and shaded areas, this is a popular outing for Brisbane Mums and Dads with their kids. There is also a WOW playground, BBQ facilities and numerous space for picnics. There is further information and pictures available via our Brisbane playground pages.  As with many water parks for Brisbane Kids, this is one that you could spend an entire day at, enjoying a picnic breakfast, lunch or early dinner while the kids cool off.

Wynnum Water Park

Wynnum Whale Park whale

Water Play Place | Fish and Chips in the park

Wynnum Water Park is located in the breezy suburb of Wynnum and comes with the all the ocean smells and attractions such as open space and the smell of fish and chips. It features a WOW playground shaded by trees and overlooks a calm beach, which is perfect for Brisbane Toddlers and parents with bubs. Located in Edith Street at Wynnum- more pics can be found on our playground review of Wynnum Water Park.

How to prepare for your Water Play in Brisbane with Kids

  • Be prepared for lack of shade and sunshine. The Brisbane UV rating can be high even on a cloudy day and some water play places have limited shade. Ideally, take your own sunshade but at best dress the kids in sunsafe rash gear (you can get long-sleeved rash gear for kids here). All of these Mini Sandcrabs swimsuits we have referred you to are rated UPF50+. Sunwear with a  UPF rating this high block 98% of harmful UVA and UVB rays!
  • Check out the UV rating for the day. You can’t detect UV ratings with your senses and it depends on a number of factors which according to Sunsmart Australia include time of day, time of year, cloud cover, altitude, proximity to the equator, scattering and reflection. This widget below will show you the UV rating on any given day and you can find more information out about why sun protection is important on the Cancer Council Website here.
  • Hydrate well when you are at the free water parks across Brisbane because playing in water can keep you deceptively cool but you can still be losing moisture.
  • Choose the right sunscreen for water play and apply regularly. We like this guide from Choice Australia which helps you to choose the right sunscreen.

public swimming pool brisbane

Public Swimming Pools Brisbane

Many Brisbane Swimming Pools are more like mini water parks. Gone are the days where all you could expect was a swimming pool and not much else. In fact finding a public swimming pool that is just a pool is more the exception than the norm. We have listed all the public swimming pools in Brisbane and have links to the ones most worth visiting. Generally, you will find there is a small entry fee with many also offering annual passes allowing you to save money if you expect to go often. Read about all about Brisbane Public Swimming Pools.



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10 responses to “Best Free Water Parks In Brisbane For Kids”

  1. leisa says:

    sandgate pool has a great kids area!

  2. Michelle says:

    OK have to ask – what does WOW stand for?

    • It means a playground worth getting in the car and travelling for. When I first started Brisbane Kids I was disappointed more than once in driving to a playground with the kids to find it sans toilets and pretty average in terms of play opportunities. Wow playground was a term I coined simply to say, this is worth it parents!

  3. Vicky Grindal says:

    Council Pools – These holidays I’ve take my kids (ages 12, 11 and 2) to some of the local pools. A couple of good ones are Albany Creek Leisure Centre – worth the drive from the southside and the Sleemans Centre at Chandler. Both have a water slide and young kids area. Sleemans is also indoors which make it great regardless of weather conditions outside. Both are also reasonably priced
    Both are defifnitely places to visit many times over.
    Albany Creek Leisure Centre, Cnr Old Northern Rd & Explorer Dr, Albany Creek
    Sleemans Centre, Old Cleveland Rd, Chandler

  4. Sheena Dey says:

    Best pools for kids we have found is Chermside pools. Has great water slides included. Heaps of seating and great kiosk at very reasonable prices. Definately worth the drive even from the southside

  5. Nicole says:

    We had a family day last Saturday at Robelle Domain @ Springfield Lakes. Absolutely brilliant park for kids of all ages. The only downfall was there is not enough covered areas/shaded areas, so my advise is take a shade shelter.

  6. scott says:

    IT’s also good for DADs and bubs!

  7. H Herron says:

    When is there going to be free water parks in the Brisbane Northside area.

    • It is a good question – I guess Ferny Grove Aqua Park is their first attempt- and obviously Redcliffe Lagoon has been the main and only one for a long time. The truth is, the free waterparks are often funded by developers and historically these are huge parcels of land like we see in Ipswich- I guess justifying the investment (like in Ripley and Springfield). While the Northside has had some new developments it doesnt seem to be conducted by such big developers and where there have been, I wonder if the ipswich city council hasnt negotiated to have these with the developer and other councils are just going after other inclusions? Maybe- that is a bit of speculation. There will be some big developments with the USC uni- so maybe we can be hopeful of some in the future 🙂

  8. Susan Walker says:

    Now at UPSTAIRS Toombul shopping centre there is a water feature near Max Brenner. Its just two lots of jumping water displays but my daughter has happily played in their water features on hot days in her togs. It’s not exactly a water park, but locals do hang out there so their kids can play on hot days.

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