Is Movie World on the Gold Coast a Great Theme Park for Toddlers? YES!

Smiling toddler with Daffy Duck at Movie World

When it comes to theme parks to visit in Queensland, it’s easy to assume that there’s not much on offer for toddler and pre-school-aged children. But Movie World is there to prove you wrong! There is just so much at Movie World to entertain toddlers—in fact, there is an entire section dedicated to younger children and families!

The Kids’ WB! Fun Zone

WB Kids zone sign at Movie World

The Kids’ WB! Fun Zone has been designed with family fun in mind. It features several rides and attractions that are suitable for younger kids, including the Looney Tunes Carousel, Sylvester & Tweety Cages, the Yosemite Sam Railroad and Speedy Gonzales’ Tijuana Taxis. A large shady tree sits in the centre of this area, with several tables and chairs situated underneath and throughout the Kids’ WB! Fun Zone for families to take a break and refuel.

Movie World Junior Driving School

Kids Driving School at Movie World

The newest multi-million dollar attraction to come to the Kids’ WB! Fun Zone at Movie World is the Junior Driving School. Just like grown-ups, children can pose for a photo to obtain their very own driver’s license. Once they’ve learned about road safety and the rules of the road, the kids can then hit the streets in their mini cars and drive around the small-scale replicas of Movie World’s own iconic landmarks – Western Town, Main Street, the Kids’ WB! Fun Zone and the Superman Escape rollercoaster. With roundabouts and fountains to navigate around, arches to cruise under, and everyone’s favourite Warner Brothers’ characters to wave to, younger kids can have an awesome time whilst parents either wave from the sidelines or accompany smaller children who might need a bit of extra help. (NOTE: Height restrictions do apply, however, children smaller than the minimum height can still sit in the driver’s seat whilst a parent or sibling sits in the seat behind and helps steer.)

Toddler driving car at Movie World Driving School

Road Safety at Junior Driving School –

• No bumping into other cars (they’re not dodgems!) • No overtaking other cars • Raise your arm in the air if you need help • Walk at all times – never run • Wait for the buzzer • Have FUN!!!

Special Needs Features for Families at Warner Bros Movie World

Shady tree with seating for eating at Movie World

The high level of service and friendliness throughout the whole Movie World theme park is impressive, particularly in the Kids’ WB! Fun Zone. Very importantly, all attractions are operated by attentive staff who have complete control over starting and finishing the ride. For parents concerned about their children possibly being scared on any of the rides, this is a BIG plus! It means that the rides can and will be slowed down or even stopped in the event that any child becomes distressed.

Accessibility for babies and toddlers at Movie World

Movie World’s setting is quite level and spacious, making it extremely accessible for prams and wheelchairs. There is a multitude of food options to suit every budget and lots of tables and chairs sheltered by umbrellas throughout the park. You are not permitted to bring your own food into the theme park, however, exceptions are made for babies and infants, as well as for those with food allergies. Fruit and bottled water can be brought in with you. Wheelchair-accessible toilet facilities are plentiful, conveniently located and incredibly clean.

Warner Bros Movie World is located just off the Pacific Motorway at Oxenford, approximately 45 minutes’ drive south from the Brisbane CBD. Check out for further information, including a great ‘Plan Your Day’ map.

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