16 Ideas for The Ultimate Frozen Party


Frozen is the movie of the moment with Walt Disney capturing hearts of the young and old. We have kept this in mind as we provide you with 16 ideas for the ultimate frozen party. Many of these ideas would work just as well for any party with a snow theme!

1. Frozen Cake


awesome frozen cake

At Brisbane Kids we get sent in a lot of cakes from very talented parents and this one is no exception! Check this OUT!

2. Snowman Noses

frozen snowman noses

Seriously, you can say what you like about the contents of a party cheerio but my husband STILL insists on cheerios at every party we have. Snowman noses!! This clever idea found on partiesandholidays.blogspot.co.uk 

3. Frozen Marshmallow Treats

frozen marshmallow treats

How CUTE are these! catchmyparty.com is well known for their creativity and they have not disappointed!

4. Jelly Icicles

frozen icicles

You will need to find a mould for these- but it wont be hard OR you can look for a cookie tin. We found these on Pinterest

5. Pin the Tail on Olaf

pin the tail

How you would actually pin a tail on a snowman? we don’t know but reality doesn’t matter where magic is concerned- This was a pinterest find

6. Snow Dough

snow dough

Lets face it. The best activities at any kids parties are those that don’t cost a lot and can be made at home! What better activity than some play with snow aka snow dough. We found this cool idea at happinessishomemade.net

7. Pick up a Snowball

pick up a snowball

What would a Frozen Party be without a pick up the snow ball game- awesome with chopsticks- easier with rubber bands at the end for the little kids. We love this creative idea thanks to myhoneysplace.com

8. Elsa and Anna Crowns

elsa printable crowns

We love these printable frozen crown ideas- perfect for affordable party frozen dressups thanks to pagingsupermom.com

9. DIY Frozen Table Decorations

cotton wool centrepiece

We love these because anyone can plop some cotton wool as a centrepiece and make it look like snow- beautiful! We found this one on pinterest here http://www.pinterest.com/pin/492862752942512316/

10. Olaf Party Bags

frozen party bags

Olaf was always going to be the star of the movie. Lets FACE it and put his name on the Frozen Party Pags! Thanks to Team Skelley

11. Coffee Filter Snowy Trees


We love the totally frugal but totally stylish decoration ideas from iheartnaptime.net GENIUS!

12. Frozen Jello Treats

jello treats

These are so easy I am surprised I dont eat them every day in many different colours! There is even a recipe you can find at the special people who created them at bubblynaturecreations.com

13. Snow Fall Decoration


More genius affordable and totally doable decorating ideas- as simple as threading cotton threw cotton wools- Check out the source davidwg on flickr

14. Olaf Pops


Marshmallow edible delights- what can be better than that!? I am sure there are even less stylish versions that kids can do themselves with pretzels and straws and wotnot but if you want true style then check out the instructions at kitchenfunwithmy3sons.blogspot.com

15. Olaf Banana Treats

olaf banana treats

We could have just called this an olaf party but seriously- aren’t these AMAZING!!! healthy with a touch of treat thanks to momendeavors.com

16. Hot Chocolate Station

hot chocolate station

What would a winter party be without a hot chocolate station! We thought we would end the list on a high with this idea coming via ryanandstefani.blogspot.com. We hope you love it as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you.

If you liked this party idea then make sure you check out the princess party themes as many of the ideas can combine with this one!

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  1. gertrude says:

    cool I’m going to try some one day thanks for the ideas mmm yum! (: (smiley face)

  2. Loved all of these ideas!! Thanks for sharing!!

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