Totally Awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Party Ideas!

TMNT party

These crazy heroes in a half-shell seem to have been around forever, and yet Brisbane Kids never seem to tire of them! So for all those ninjatastic, sewer-dwelling, pizza lovers, we have put together some of the most totally awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle party ideas ever! Booyakasha!

Invite fellow TMNT fans

These bright and colourful invitations can be downloaded free from My Sun Will Shine.

TMNT party invitations

Get decorating

Check out My Sun Will Shine for an awesome free printable birthday banner to decorate your TMNT party venue.

Banner for TMNT party

You can even cut out the turtles’ masks from the banner printables and add them to green balloons for more, easy party decorations, like these on Living Four Seasons.

Balloons with turtle masks

Turn your guests into little turtles

Every little turtle needs their own mask. You can get free printable full-face turtle masks or bandana-style eye masks from Squidoo.

TMNT mask

Or follow this idea from Living Four Seasons and print out free uncoloured mask printables (from for your party guests to colour in themselves as a party activity.

Printable colouring in masks

And why not also make some totally radical and easy turtle shells like these ones seen on Girl Like the Sea? They’re simply made from painting disposable roasting tins and adding some straps!

TMNT party

Eat pizza, pizza and more pizza!

Pizza is any true turtle’s favourite food, and it wouldn’t be a TMNT party without a classic pepperoni pizza, like this one from GroupRecipes.

Pizza for a TMNT party

Or if you’d rather order pizza, why not add a free printable pizza box cover from HaleGrafx?

TMNT themed pizza

Try pizza gyoza

The turtles have also been known to eat pizza gyoza! For a full recipe and easy-to-follow steps to help make your own, visit

Gyoza for a TMNT party

Other turtle food faves

These Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles party cupcakes from Catch My Party look simple enough for even me to recreate!

Cupcake idea for a TMNT party

Check out these healthy TMNT party snack ideas found on Pinterest — simple fruit or veggie platters with little tubs of sour cream or yoghurt as dips.

Snacks for TMNT party

And for how to make this awesome TMNT birthday cake, you can watch the full video tutorial on

Birthday cake for TMNT party

Create cool ninja drinks

We did contemplate featuring Mikey’s, erm, ‘creative’ invention, the P-shake, as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles party drink, but we weren’t quite sure even the most dedicated turtle followers could truly stomach a real combination of pizza and milkshake! So instead, why not go for some yummy green soft drinks, creatively labelled as ooze, sewer water or sewer slime, like these from Catch My Party and Cupcake Wishes and Birthday Dreams?

TMNT party drink idea

Drink idea for TMNT party

Set up some awesome party games

See how many cans of toxic waste your little ninjas can knock over with this fun party game idea found on Pinterest.

Party game for TMNT party

See who can throw the ‘pizza’ into the box with this awesome Frisbee game found on Catch My Party.

TMNT party game

And how about a new take on an old classic — pin the pepperoni on the pizza! This idea was seen on the Coastal Sling Mommy.

TMNT party game

Or why not play Master Splinter Says (aka Simon Says) for a fun themed party game?! (This colouring picture was found on colouringpages.pic.)

Master Splinter colouring page

Mutant party goods

And finally, you can mutate any party goods into TMNT-themed turtles with simple bands of colour and turtle eyes, like these simple and cool cutlery serviette wraps and party favour bags found on Pinterest and Catch My Party!

Goodie bags and napkins

Have a totally radical Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles party, dudes!

For more great party ideas for your Brisbane Kids Top Tips for an Amazing Minecraft Party.

For even more ideas, check out our TMNT Party board.

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