Top Tips for an Amazing Minecraft Party

Minecraft is one of those games that inspires imagination and creativity in boys and girls. The virtual world of Minecraft and its pixelated imagery is also increasingly being transferred into the real world with Brisbane Kids of all ages requesting it as a theme for upcoming birthday parties. We’ve gathered the coolest Minecraft party ideas here that prove that, with a little imagination and some easy to find materials, you can have your guests feeling like they’ve stepped into an parallel dimension.

Minecraft Party Table

This amazing Minecraft party table featured on Partylicious. There are heaps more Minecraft party ideas in their page too.

Minecraft Party Table

Minecraft Balloons

Simply green balloons with black electrical tape to create a Creeper face, we found this decoration idea on Travelling Collections.

Minecraft Balloons

Creeper Cookies

Handmade Creeper Cookies made by The Brown Oven and available on etsy. So simple, but very cool!

Creeper Cookies

Minecraft Keyrings made with Hama Beads

These would make the perfect take home gift for guests to attach to their school bags – Minecraft characters made using Hama Beads, found on Create a loop with the Hama Beads and thread a keyring through – awesome!!

Minecraft Keyrings with Hama Beads

Minecraft Nerf Gun Target

Housing a Forest offers full instructions for creating this fun party game at home.

Minecraft Nerf Gun Target

Minecraft Food Table

This table was created by Parties in Style and featured on the Catch My Party website. Think outside the box and almost any food idea can be given a Minecraft makeover when paired with a title card and pixelated image.

Minecraft Food Table

Square Pizzas

Yummy Minecraft themed party food! These are simple pizzas with square salami added, but you could really add all sorts of ingredients that fit with the Mincraft theme. Try green and red capsicum pieces, pineapple pieces or even squares of feta cheese to give a pixel-y effect. This one was made by Coastal Sling Mommy.

Square Pizzas

Creeper Piñata

No party is complete without a piñata!! This one featured on

Creeper Pinata

Pin the Tail on the Minecraft Pig

Momma D and Da Boyz came up with this clever idea! Pin the tail on the pig – so much fun!

Pin the tail on the pig

Minecraft Birthday Cake # 1

How amazing does this look?! This cake found via looks just like a computer world come to life!

Minecraft Cake 1

Minecraft Birthday Cake # 2

Made by Jill the Cakemaker in the UK, this cool cake perfectly fits in with your Minecraft birthday party theme.

Minecraft Cake 2

Creeper Party Bags created so many great Minecraft party ideas for this celebration! We especially love the Creeper party bags.

Creeper Party Bags

All of these and many more Minecraft party ideas and Minecraft craft ideas can be found on the Brisbane Kids Minecraft board on Pinterest. Check it out for more inspiration!


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