Top 10 ways for parents to get fit

10 ways to fit exercise into your routine as a parent

By Kate from All About you Personal Training who does Personal Training and Group Training for Parents that is child friendly- on the Northside of Brisbane Following on from Top 10 tips for parents to Build Muscle which is part of her ongoing contribution to Brisbane Kids.

Do you find it difficult to fit exercise into your daily or weekly routine as a parent? Don’t worry too much because a lot of us do! What it comes down to is eliminating the excuses and making the time within our routines, this applies to both working parents and those at home caring for children.

Maintaining a healthy active lifestyle as a parent is important so let’s make it a part of our lives by making that extra effort. Below are some ways you might be able to incorporate exercise into your routine…..

  1. In the home – If your baby/chid is still having daytime sleeps utilise that time workout with an exercise DVD, pre written in-home program by a Personal Trainer, Wii Fit / Kinect workout or if you’re lucky enough to own in-home fitness equipment.. jump on your treadmill, bike, rower, weights bench J you can even do this once the kids go to bed.
  2. Making the extra effort – If you have school age children and live within 4km of the school walk them to school then walk/jog home both morning & afternoon. If you live further then park about 10-15mins from the school and do the same.
  3. WE love the park – When you take your children to the park get them to ride their bikes while you run/walk…. If they love the ride go even further. Alternately push the pram…
  4. “You make me feel like dancing” – pop some music on in your home & dance around with the kids / baby !!! Great fun J Dance Dance Dance !!
  5. Helping each other – find a walking/jogging friend to partner up with, when you have younger children they will be happy enough in the pram but as they get old this is difficult. One friend plays with the children while you go for a walk/run and then swap, good teamwork.
  6. Working Parents – if you’re a working Mum/Dad then your time is already limited, why not go for a walk/run in your lunchbreak, or try to leave the house a little earlier to attend gym or run before work.
  7. Local Gyms – many of the gyms across Brisbane have crèche facilities and some are really good. You can either attend a group fitness class, see a trainer for a one:one session or do your own workout.
  8. Parents & Bubs ‘together’ – there are a couple of wonderful PT businesses throughout Brisbane that offer baby & child friendly group fitness classes. Some offer exercise that involves the children/babies whilst others allow the freedom to have your children there playing and if needed you can tend to them with no stress.
  9. Share the love – If you support each other to make exercise a part of your daily routine then consider going on an early morning run before bub/children wake while one parent stays at home. If you’re not a morning person then get up, changed and out of the house before you know it….shock your body into an exercise routine… (or go at night in the cool evening air).
  10. Family biker gang – go out as a family for a biking adventure, if your children are not at riding age yet then check out ebay or shops for one of those buggy’s that attaches to the back of your bike, they hold two children & can also double as running prams in some models.


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