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PLEASE NOTE: The Sciencentre is undergoing a multi-million dollar redevelopment, and will close its doors on Sunday 3rd December 2017. The new Sciencentre is set to reopen in mid 2018. Stay tuned for updates!


Sunday 3rd December 2017 – Last day to experience the famous Action Stations and Body Zone section of the Sciencentre before it closes permanently.

Wednesday 6th December 2017  The Museum Plaza Entry (facing Melbourne Street) on Level 1 will also close and not open again until March 2018. Normal museum entry will be via the dinosaur garden on Level 0 on Grey Street or Level 2 from the Whale Mall.

Sunday 21 January 2018 – Perception Deception, the travelling exhibition from Questacon will be closed temporarily. All areas of Level 1 will be closed.

You can also keep up to date on the development by visiting Queensland Museum website, and social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram.

A STEM Centre in Brisbane for Kids – The Sciencentre

If your Brisbane Kid learns by doing, the hands-on and interactive exhibits at the Sciencentre won’t disappoint. A favourite with school groups and families, the Sciencentre is the perfect place to introduce your Brisbane Kids to science in a relaxed and fun environment.

Although the Sciencentre is better suited to older children, it’s also the perfect place for an inquisitive toddler. They may not understand the science behind the exhibits, but nothing is off-limits and it allows them a certain level of freedom. Adults may learn something too!

There are regular displays and exhibits including;

Sciencentre permanent exhibitions

pluck and play sciencentre experiment

The Sciencentre is better suited to older children, but even a three year old will be impressed by some of the cool experiments. From body experiments, to activities that examine space, time and weight, even the adults will be kept entertained. You can spend a lot of time here just experimenting with the displays, and little hands are most welcome to pull knobs, turn leavers and press buttons to see what happens! Be sure to bring your camera for some fun photos in the optical illusions corner.

Body Zone

Did you know you have hairs inside your ears…and they change when they hear sounds?  You’ll find out this and lots more in the Body Zone.

There are all things bones and brains in the Body Works section and you can explore your senses in Sense Ability.

Find the Body Challenge when it’s time to get your body moving. Step up to the running track and wait for the green light. Test yourself against an Olympic Sprinter in a 10-metre dash. Next up, see if you can throw a ball as fast as a car travels!

Have some fun with optical illusions, a wonky walk and disappearing legs.  All things you will see in the Mind Benders section of the Sciencentre. Be sure to bring your camera for some cool shots!

Queensland Sciencentre

Action Stations

Try it. Use it. Move it. See it. Hear it.

Science is everywhere.  In Action Stations, you will find interactive exhibits about electricity, waves and movement that show how science works in a simple way to understand.

Have you ever tried to play a musical instrument made of drain pipes and a pair of thongs?

Take a ride on the spinning chair. It helps you to understand how body position affects movements and your ability to slow down or speed up.

Sciencentre seasonal exhibitions and shows

sciencentre running track

The Sciencentre also has an area which is updated with new and engaging exhibitions each year. These are well worth heading into the city for, and are usually centred around a theme, such as the current exhibition which allows kids to experience the lifesaving occupations of search and rescue. There is also an area where daily shows are conducted by Sciencentre staff and explain simple science with plenty of audience participation. Currently there are four shows daily, which teach children about the science of sound and the science of balloons.

Special Exhibition – Mathamazing

The Sciencentre also has an area for new and engaging exhibitions each year. These are well worth heading into the city for, and are usually centred around a theme. The current exhibition is Mathamazing. A completely hands-on way to explore puzzles, predictions and probability. Incorporating concepts such as statistics, measurement, mass and problem solving will inspire your Brisbane Kid’s curiosity. You can see this exhibition until 3 September 2017.

Special needs considerations

sciencentre ball experiment

Access Information

Parking is available at the Cultural Centre or across the road at the Performing Arts Centre. All areas of the Sciencentre are accessible by wheelchair or pram. There are lifts available to access Queensland Museum from the car parks and another set of lifts to take you down to the Sciencentre. Wheelchair accessible toilets are located within the centre, as well as in the Museum. Space for wheelchairs and prams is set aside at all public programs, including lectures, workshops, shows and activities.

Please visit  for opening times, ticket prices and more information.

The Sciencentre entrance is situated on the 1st floor of the Queensland Museum building at South Bank. Tickets must be purchased from the main Queensland Museum ticket office on the 2nd floor.


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