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Queensland Museum ignites curiosity and intrigue with the brand new science gallery, SparkLab, Sciencentre. 


Calling all young inventors, thinkers, creatives, the curious and science enthusiasts.  Queensland Museum’s brand new science gallery SparkLab, Sciencentre is now open!

Minister for Science and the Arts Leeanne Enoch said the new multi-million dollar SparkLab showcases hands-on learning to spark creativity, curiosity and confidence in discovering STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths) in fun and innovative ways.

“The Queensland Government invested $9.4 million towards the reimagined sciencentre to help put our state at the forefront of STEM learning and ensure our young people are well positioned to capitalise on the jobs of the future,” Minister Enoch said.

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“This is the first major renovation to the Sciencentre since it opened at Queensland Museum in 2004, and has been designed to allow visitors to explore our world and how it works using the same skills that scientists, engineers and mathematicians use every day.”

Queensland Museum Network Acting CEO and Director Dr Jim Thompson said SparkLab brings together imagination and education and allows visitors to be curious about their world.

“This is a very exciting time for the museum and we look forward to welcoming visitors to the new SparkLab where everyone can be a scientist by asking questions, testing ideas and finding creative ways of solving everyday problems,” Dr Thompson said.

“Our goal is to ensure our visitors understand the beauty and wonder behind the science that shapes our lives and inspires the next generation of scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians.”

The Sciencentre reimagined

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The all-new SparkLab includes 40 exhibits in three zones allowing for flexible facilitated learning experiences.  It also includes new science shows, a science bar featuring hands-on experiments and demonstrations and a maker space that gives visitors the opportunity to design, make, test and evaluate their creations in response to a ‘big question’ or challenge.

Visitors to the popular centre can be scientists for a day as they learn about, experiment with and test out numerous scientific theories and facts.  Learn how to lift an 80kg fridge by yourself or pull yourself high up in the air and discover what creations make this more possible to achieve than you realise and why.  See and even feel electricity as you touch the giant plasma ball or watch as water freezes and ice crystals are formed.

earth globe sciencentre

Another big attraction to the area is a giant interactive globe thats surface can change to reflect global interests, some in real time!  See how the Earth’s surface changes to reflect the different time zones for day / night, watch real-time flight paths, see our social media connectivity worldwide or even transform it to the surface of one the planets in our solar system.

Science Bar – Live Experiments

science lab fire experiment

What is sure to be one of the more popular attractions, Sparklab’s Science Bar invites curious visitors to view and take part in hourly live experiments.  Ask questions, test theories and examine results with a scientist as you discover which liquids are most flammable, create explosive foam and help discover the identity of unknown liquids.

The exhibition extends into the Cobb+Co Museum in Toowoomba, The Workshops Rail Museum in Ipswich and Museum of Tropical Queensland in Townsville ensuring the wonder of science is offered across the entire Queensland Museum Network.

“Energy Queensland has come on board as a partner to help us redevelop our science spaces at The Workshops Rail Museum in Ipswich and at Museum of Tropical Queensland in Townsville.” Dr Thompson said.

Energy Queensland CEO David Smales said the company and its subsidiaries Energex and Ergon Energy had been very proud partners of the Queensland Museum for more than a decade and were looking forward to supporting another education program.

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Science Matters

“The Queensland Museum has continuously provided locals and visitors to this state with some of the most amazing exhibitions that continue to open our eyes up to the wonders of science,” Mr Smales said.

“We’re always proud to support the educational work of Queensland Museum encouraging youngsters’ involvement in science, and it’s these students who may one day help Energy Queensland and our communities to develop new energy solutions for the future.”

Queensland Museum partnered with Science Museum London, to deliver SparkLab, based on the group’s popular Wonderlab galleries

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