The Best Ninja Warrior Playgrounds in Brisbane

ninja warrior playground

With the screening of ‘Australian Ninja Warrior’, there has been a rapid rise in children (and adults) leaping, scurrying, climbing and swinging in the lounge room, backyard and playgrounds. If you want your Brisbane Kid to develop their ‘ninja’ skills, then head to one of the best ninja warrior playgrounds in Brisbane.

In this article you will find:

  • Purpose-built ninja warrior courses in Brisbane
  • Ninja playgrounds
  • Parks with ninja or parkour features. 

Note: Some ninja courses are designed for older kids and, as such, caution should be exercised when younger children are using those facilities. Equally some of the playgrounds in Brisbane with ninja warrior features are also playgrounds frequented by younger kids, so the caution will need to apply both ways. Be courteous and most importantly be safe! 

Guyatt Park

Recognised as Brisbane’s first free outdoor ninja warrior course, Guyatt Park contains 11 obstacles. As an added incentive, there is a QR code available to time your race and compare it to others who have completed the course. Ninjas will need to balance their way along the hanging plank, climb across the cargo net, swing on the downhill monkey bars, beat the wall, complete the Field of Rings and climb through the Pole Forrest. The main objective of any challenge is to complete the obstacle without touching the ground.


11 ninja obstacles, a playground featuring a climbing wall, fort and flying fox, picnic tables, BBQs and toilets


Guyatt Park is located at 19 Hiron Street (off Sir Fred Schonell Dr), St Lucia

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Spring Mountain Park 

spring mountain reserve spinning ninja obstacles

Set within the bushland estate of Spring Mountain, this expansive play area contains an obstacle course featuring hurdles, spinning wheels, balance beams, stepping stones, monkey bars and a climbing wall and cargo net. 


Ninja style obstacle course, a playground with slides, over 2km of paths for riding, basketball half-court, picnic tables, BBQ and toilets.


Spring Mountain Reserve is located at 78 Tully Connection Road, Greenbank

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Redcliffe Parkour Park

children climbing sttone wall

You won’t find a more picturesque waterside ninja park that the Redcliffe Parkour Park! Whilst this park is coined as a ‘parkour park’, there are certainly many elements your little ninja can practise on. It features over 12 different challenges to tackle, including an angled wall, vault bars, boulders, modular block walls, balance beams, climbing frames and scalable poles. 


Parkour/ninja equipment, a small playground for younger children, picnic tables, BBQ’s and toilets. 


Redcliffe Parkour Park is located on the corner of Hornibrook Esplanade and Victoria Avenue at Woody Point

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Symphony Crescent Park

Bright green ninja warrior obstacle course at Symphony Crescent Park.

Budding ninja warriors can time themselves and race against competitors as they work their way through the Park Warrior Obstacle Course at Symphony Crescent Park. Equipment includes the Quin steps, jungle bars, the big fling, rock hop, plank and elevated cargo net just to name a few. Younger children can enjoy the spacious playground, bike paths and green space which is right beside the obstacle course.


Park warrior obstacle course, fort style playground, basketball half-court, mini traffic track, pathways, picnic tables, BBQ’s and accessible toilets. 


Symphony Crescent Park is located at 40 Symphony Crescent, Burpengary.

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Hercules Street Park

climbing wall

While not purposefully built as a ninja park as such, Hercules Street Park delivers on many of the obstacles that ninja warriors in training will be looking for. Numerous climbing apparatus are on offer, from which kids can access the upper layers of this double-storey playground. The mounds, nets and ropes all inspire ninja movement and you can see from the photos why this is one of the most popular playgrounds in Brisbane. Just make sure you read the detailed review in regards to parking because this is the main challenge of accessing this park. 


Impressive double-storey playground with unique playground features (including parkour and ninja) not seen elsewhere, multiple swings, water spray area, picnic tables, BBQ’s and toilets.


Hercules Street Park is located on 40 Remora Rd, Hamilton QLD 4007 

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Redbank Plains Recreation Reserve

kids playground redbank plains

Redbank Plains Recreation Reserve is another spectacular Brisbane playground that while not built solely for ninja purposes, offer several features that ensure its inclusion onto this list. In addition to its multi-storey net accessed playground, it also features an obstacle course with climbing and parkour-style balancing opportunities testing agility and balance. 


Parkour style ninja course, multistorey playground featuring mega slides that are only accessible via net scaling, picnic tables, BBQ’s and toilets. 


Redbank Plains Recreation Reserve is located on Cedar Road at the intersection with Redbank Plains Road, Redbank Plains.

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Frew Park Milton

concrete style playground structure

Frew Park is popular with parkour enthusiasts who can be often be seen performing some fairly breathtaking stunts. We would suggest this park for the older more versed parkour and ninja warriors. There are cement blocks on 65 degree angles and opportunities for warriors to test their climbing speed and ability through this complex playground. Frew Park also features a curling slide that is 5 metres high. 


Huge multi-storey cement playground with parkour features, a huge amount of greenspace, onsite cafe, picnic tables, BBQ’s and toilets


Frew Park Milton is located between Milton Road and Frew Street at Milton. Carpark access is via Frew Street.

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Other Brisbane Ninja Warrior Parks

Dawn Andrews Park, Caboolture Parkour-style climbing cubes, tricky, but not too tricky!

Wynnum Skate Park and Playground Almost didn’t make the list, except their ramps are known for kids experimenting with parkour.

Pine Rivers Park, Strathpine Modular net obstacles, climbing nets and frames and multi-level stepping stones.

Aura Frog Park, Caloundra Has a purpose-built ninja-style playground course.

Premium Ninja Warrior Courses

If you have a child or teenager wanting to take their ninja warrior skills to the next level or you just prefer some air conditioning then make sure you keep these locations in mind

New playgrounds pop up over Brisbane all the time, so if you happen to know of a ninja warrior course in Brisbane we haven’t mentioned in this list, please reach out in comments and we will send out a Brisbane Kids team member to review it!

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