Strawberry Picking In South Brisbane

It’s that time of the year again and, with the awesome weather we’ve been having, there’s no better time to visit a local farm to experience strawberry picking in south Brisbane with your family. Picking your own strawberries is so much fun – not only will your Brisbane Kids get to pick all of the strawberries they can handle while enjoying some vitamin D and fresh air, but they will also learn a bit about how strawberries are farmed and packaged before they reach the store. It’s an incredible experience for the whole family.

Pick your own strawberries on Brisbane’s Southside

The Chambers Flat Strawberry Farm has sprouted, offering visitors on the Southside of Brisbane the opportunity to pick strawberries locally. Located in Chambers Flat, The Berry Patch grows strawberries from June to November annually. Once the crops are ripe and plentiful, generally around late July, the patches are opened up to public strawberry picking. Your Brisbane Kids will love wandering the rows of strawberry plants searching for the biggest strawberry and picking all the ripe ones they find along the way.

strawberry picking brisbane

Support and eat local

The Berry Patch is a third generation family business that not only grows and sells strawberries, but also has a delicious range of jams, dipping sauces and other yummy stuff for sale on site. Pre-picked strawberries are sold prepacked, or grab a container and pay to pick your own. The farm is open to the public from 9am to 5pm Monday to Saturday and from 9am to 4pm on Sundays.  You can also check out The Berry Patch strawberries from the Jan Powers markets in Brisbane.

Check out their facebook page here

Take a look at our guide to How to go Strawberry Picking in Brisbane for more information. If you live on the northside of Brisbane, Pick your own strawberries at Strawberry Fields may be for you.

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    Do you know when the Berry Patch at Chambers Flat will be opening for picking again?

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