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Empower Autism (Empower) believes that society thrives when diverse individuals, experiences, perspectives, and cultures are welcomed and celebrated. They envision a world where autistic people fully participate, contribute and succeed to their fullest potential with confidence and self-belief.

Empower Autism Programs

Peer Support Groups

Adult Support Group

The Adult Group is for autistic people aged 30 years and over who are looking to gain a better understanding of their autism, want to share ideas and experiences with like-minded people, and explore strategies for everyday life. This is a self-help discussion group, led by an experienced facilitator. The group meets both face to face and via Zoom.

Young Adults Support Group

The Young Adult Group is for young autistic adults aged from 18 years to 30 years. The group is run by experienced volunteer coordinators with lived experience of autism. Navigating the world as a young autistic person may seem daunting, so this group provides a safe place to meet others, make friendships, and share experiences.

Youth Support Group

The Youth Groups are designed for young autistic people aged from 14 years to 18 years and are run by experienced volunteer facilitators, many of whom have lived experience with autism. It is a place for young people to be themselves, form friendships, socialise in a group environment and have fun. The groups meet every week during school terms for activities at the centre and some community activities, such as Ten Pin Bowling and foot golf.

Parent Support Group

The Parent Groups are run simultaneously with Youth Groups in most locations. Parent Groups offer an opportunity to connect with other parents and carers in your area and share experiences, strategies, and challenges. While being on the same site, each group has separate rooms. This allows parents to remain responsible for their children whilst providing a more private forum to meet and build a support network. Periodically, invited specialist speakers present information about services and support relevant to the group.

The parent group at Mt Gravatt is a self-help discussion group that meets monthly for coffee.

Life Skills Programs

Introductory Life Skills Program

The Introductory Life Skills program has been designed by an experienced Occupational Therapist, Kate Horstmann, specifically for young autistic people looking to become more self-sufficient in the family home, preparing to move out or making improvements for those already living on their own. This program teaches skills such as problem solving, goal setting and self-reflection applied across practical areas such as self-care, domestic chores, scheduling or time management, budgeting, and community access. It is for people aged between 17 and 25 years old.

Advanced Life Skills Program

The Advanced Life Skills program was created by Heidi Chapman, a proudly autistic teacher, to specifically support young, autistic adults increase their capacity for independence. This program is designed to ensure participants have the tools and strategies they need to survive and thrive in their day to day lives through five core modules: housing essentials, succeeding in the workplace, responsible citizenship, positive relationships, and well-being.

Peer Mentoring

Empower Autism’s Peer Mentoring Program involves peer-to-peer mentoring (1:1) between an autistic mentor and autistic mentee.

Mentors help build healthy and trusting relationships with mentees to encourage a positive sense of autistic identity. The mentoring process will also provide both mentors and mentees with the opportunity to build confidence, engage in personal growth, work towards personal goals, and improve general wellbeing.

Furthermore, both mentors and mentees will gain valuable skills and experience that enhance their employability.

Information Support and Referral

Speak to someone who understands.

Have you or a family member received a diagnosis of autism and:

  • Are feeling overwhelmed?
  • Need information?
  • Want practical advice and guidance?
  • Want to know what services are out there?
  • Just want to chat with someone who understands?

Let the Empower Autism team of trained volunteers with ‘lived’ experience help you.

Empower Autism is your trusted guide through one of life’s most challenging but rewarding journeys. Find out more at https://empowerautism.org.au/

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