Places to Eat Sushi in Brisbane with Kids

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It is usually pretty difficult to get kids to try new and unusual foods, but not when it comes to sushi! It seems like kids of all ages simply can’t get enough of this Japanese food favourite. If your child is a sushi lover or you are thinking of introducing them to this tasty cuisine and food experience then we have everything you need to know, including the BEST places to eat sushi in Brisbane (and even sushi restaurants with iPad ordering systems that kids LOVE)!

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Why do kids love sushi?

Kids love being able to choose their own dishes at a sushi restaurant.. They also love having small dishes rather than large daunting meals, and being able to try a variety of different items. Parents also have peace of mind of knowing if the item chosen isn’t a hit then they haven’t wasted a whole meal. A little like a seafood buffet, Brisbane Kids are more likely to explore new foods in a situation where they have control over what goes on their plate. Sometimes this, combined with the novelty of a revolving sushi restaurant, is all you might need to introduce an entirely new food option!

Another awesome thing about eating sushi is you can share food. It’s all about eating with family and friends, trying different items and sharing them with one another. It’s an interactive and social experience rather than simply an eating experience.

Then throw in a train on top of all of that and you also have instant and exciting entertainment!

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What is sushi?

Sushi is a Japanese dish which usually consists of small cakes of cooked rice with pieces of other food, especially raw fish, on top or inside.

The main types of sushi are:

  • Nigiri — fish on top of rolled sushi rice
  • Sashimi — raw fish or meat on its own
  • Maki — seaweed-wrapped sushi rolls
  • Uramaki — sushi rolls with rice on the outside
  • Temaki — sushi rolled into a cone shape

Names of different sushi

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What can we expect to find on a sushi menu?

If you go to a sushi restaurant,  some main items you would usually expect to see include:

  • The five main types of sushi above (usually with some vegetarian options or options with cooked chicken or cooked prawns or fish rather than only raw fish varieties)
  • Miso soup (made from a stock and miso paste from soybeans)
  • Edamame (soybeans steamed and served in their pods, usually with salt sprinkled on)
  • Tempura (usually seafood or thin slices of vegetables that have been dipped into a light batter and deep fried)
  • Karaage (deep-fried meat or fish, usually chicken, often with a light crispy coating)
  • Main dishes (often teriyaki chicken or beef, noodle dishes such as udon soup)
  • Gyoza (small dumplings, usually with a choice of pork, vegetable or prawn stuffing)
  • Sides (expect soy sauce for dipping, Japanese mayonnaise, pickled ginger and the super hot wasabi paste)

If kids know what to expect before they go to a sushi restaurant it can help them feel comfortable with the options available. It can also get them excited to try new things.

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Where are the best places to eat sushi in Brisbane?

These are our top picks for eating sushi in Brisbane with kids:

Sushi Edo

With various locations around Brisbane, Sushi Edo is a great local sushi restaurant. They have a sushi train with all plates $4.20, as well as an a la carte menu. They serve delicious food made from high quality and healthy ingredients. Best of all, the food can be ordered using iPads installed at the table, which kids really love to use!

Sushi Train

Boasting more than ten stores across Brisbane, including Aspley, Burpengary, Mango Hill, Capalaba and Springwood, Sushi Train is popular among families due to their ‘sushi train,’ kids packs and VIP rewards. Diners can be treated to sushi rolls, aburi, ships, nigiri, as well as a large variety of made-to-order dishes.

Tsuru Japanese Cafe

Tsuru Japanese Cafe has two handy locations, in Albany Creek and Ashgrove. They serve 100% freshly handmade sushi, as well as gyoza and Japanese home-style meals. They have brown rice, gluten free and vegetarian options available.

Sushi Kotobuki

Serving East Brisbane since 2008, Sushi Kotobuki offers standard sushi offerings, as well as fusion sushi, donburi, noodles and bento boxes. The restaurant prides themselves on quality Japanese food at reasonable prices, making it a great option for families.


WAGAYA is located in Chinatown, Fortitude Valley. This is a fancier restaurant but still a great place to go with kids. It has a huge menu and even features some Japanese style pizzas! They also have an iPad ordering system, which kids LOVE!


Located in Wintergarden in the heart of the city centre, Hanaichi offers authentic Japanese Cuisine created by Queensland’s most awarded Japanese Chef. As well as a sushi deli, it also offers a range of meals, including curry, udon and ramen dishes. This is quality and healthy food at reasonable prices.


Moga is located in popular Rosalie. You can choose dishes from the sushi conveyor or order from the à la carte menu (available Tuesday to Sunday), which includes meats cooked on the traditional robata grill (hot coal grill), the tempura menu, sashimi menu and or Moga signature sushi menu.

Sakana Japanese Dining Bar

This small Japanese restaurant in Clayfield has an extensive sushi menu as well as really great dinner boxes and teriyaki and udon dishes. The food is fresh and delicious and affordably priced too.

Ginga Sushi Bar and Dining

Ginga can be found in several locations across Brisbane, serving sushi, traditional Japanese fare and well as Japanese Fusion. A generous loyalty program and great food keeps guests coming back, time and time again.

Sushi Kiyo

Sushi Kiyo has venues in Coorparoo, East Brisbane and Banyo, offering a variety of Japanese dishes.  The food is fresh and tasty and includes nigiri, sashimi, maki and the popular sushi rolls.

Shopping centres

While not exactly the most high-end dining experience, most local shopping centres have great sushi restaurants. This is great for a cost-effective sushi experience where you can get a quick bite to eat that is tasty and healthy. Most shopping centre sushi places also feature a ‘train’ or conveyor belt delivery system where freshly made sushi is displayed and taken around the restaurant so you can see and choose the items you want as they pass by.

Sushi on conveyor belt train

See here for this great guide to Places to Eat with Kids in Brisbane City and be sure to check out our whole directory of Places Where we Love to Eat in Brisbane for other great child-friendly venues.

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