The Harry Potter Shop in Samford, Brisbane

The Store of Requirements Brisbane Samford

If you have ever ventured into Samford on Brisbane’s North-side, you would know that the village is always peppered with curious and interesting places to eat and shop. As such, it is little surprise we are sharing the opening of a new store in Samford, the Store of Requirement, a store with a vision centred around Harry Potter and the wonderful world of Hogwarts.

The Store of Requirements Samford

Let’s set the scene

The Store of Requirement can be found within the sanctuary of the popular Flying Nun cafe on Station Street in Samford Valley. If you haven’t been to the Flying Nun Cafe then you must, because you will love their gorgeous seasonal menu, their easy to eat breakfasts and the friendly table service. It boasts a leafy outlook and is the perfect setting to house such a curious shop.

Happy Potter in the Store of Requirements

The Store of Requirement

Music plays from the Harry Potter movie as we enter and a young chap called Harry greets us. He assures us his real name is Harry and we are offered to be sorted by a real sorting hat! I was with my 5 year old who was concerned it would actually talk, (which I was told it would!), so we gave the novelty a miss but this is something I imagine will be high on the list of fun things encountered in this store.

Harry Potter Toys and Gifts Brisbane

The Harry Potter Store

The ceiling of the store is elaborately adorned in the most wonderful artwork and the store itself is filled with the most incredible amount of Harry Potter paraphernalia. From wands to costumes, to toys and collectables, puzzles and memorabilia of every sort. One could just stop there and be happy, buy a Harry Potter blind bag and be on ones way to play in John Scott Playground down the road… except.. there are couches in the store and comfortable places to sit and absorb the scene which makes one wonder about the possibilities…

The promise to the future

Speaking to the owners I could tell they were invested in this vision completely, but more than that, they were excited about the future and what they could create and so was I. This is what I heard was coming.

Harry Potter Room Posters

Kids Parties

Can you imagine going to a kids party in what resembles a room from a castle in Harry Potter. There were couches in the back of the room setting the scene for much fun and potion making!

Parties for adults!

Hiring out the room for parties for adults is such a great idea, don’t you think? Imagine the dress up fun that could be had!

Escape rooms

A Harry Potter themed escape room- watch this space!


You heard it here- Butter-beer served over the counter along with other curiosities.

cauldon cupcakes. harry potter

Our biggest tip with visiting the new Harry Potter Store

The Store of Requirement was refreshingly like a total Harry Potter immersion and their enthusiasm was infectious.. So remember, if you go along, be kind and be generous with your praise because fun ideas don’t come along like this every day and all new businesses need a little bit of love and kindness to grow so if there is a line then simply grab a coffee next door or visit some of the local shops. We are so pleased they have decided to create something like this for Brisbane families to enjoy and spread the magic of Harry Potter and the Wizarding World…”Protego Horribilis”

The Store of Requirement is located at 20 Station Street, Samford. Find out more on their Facebook page at

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    What is the address and opening hours?

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    What is the address? Is there a phone number? A Facebook page? Website? Thank you for your time 🙂

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    are you on facebook?

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    Do they sell butter beer ice cream?

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