Roma Street Parkland Map

roma street parklands

Roma Street Parkland Map

This is a wonderful resource guiding you around Roma Street Parkland, find a map of Roma Street Parklands below along with a detailed review of the areas that families can make the most of, accompanied by images. Brisbane is exceedingly generous when it comes to finding parks and playgrounds for our children to explore.  Indeed, our Brisbane Kids are most definitely spoilt for choice and, with tree-rimmed green spaces never too far away, you would be forgiven if you overlooked our industrial city centre when searching for some time outdoors immersed in nature with the little people in your lives.  Surprisingly for some though, that is exactly where you should venture, as hidden within the trendy city suburb of Spring Hill is one of Brisbane’s premier parks – Roma Street Parkland.  An inner-city oasis of horticultural delight, rolling green hills, lakes, playgrounds and so much more.

roma street parklands map

A hidden oasis of beauty and exploration

Whilst the grandeur of the parkland may not be immediately apparent from the streets that rim it, it takes only minutes upon entering to leave the concrete city landscape behind and be immersed completely within its tranquil arms.  With 16 points of entry, the park’s lush lawns, playgrounds and horticultural delights span an impressive 16 hectares and there is plenty there to keep the entire family entertained; be it for just a few hours, or the entire day.

Orientation & Parkland Explorer

The best way to get your bearings upon arrival at Roma Street Parkland is to head straight to the small information booth at the park’s centre and grab a handy paper map.  Just a short stroll from the booth, near the wall of Queensland’s Greats, is the main stop for the Parkland Explorer.  My Brisbane Kids saw this sweet, little, coloured, trackless train as soon as we entered the park and were begging to hop on board.  Costing only a gold coin donation, this is by far one of the best ways to explore the park and get from spot to spot if your little ones are growing tired.  The 20 minute round trip sees the small train weave its way around the parkland, along bridges and through the forest, whilst a recorded guide voice details the areas you are moving through.

roma street trackless train


The Roma Street Parkland is home to not one, but two fantastically thought out playgrounds.  The Parkland Explorer will drop you off at the start of the original playground, which is situated in the Upper Parkland, but it is all within easy walking distance from the main areas if you would prefer the exercise.  This first playground is a wonder for children and caters from toddler to teen, with plenty to get their imagination and active hearts soaring.  With a healthy sprinkling of shade from overhead trees, the playground is a maze of obstacles and attractions.  My children (aged 1, 3 and 5) spent ages on its swings, mini flying fox, climbing frame, slide, see-saw and other equipment.

roma street parklands toddler playground

The Children’s Garden Playground

If you continue downhill on the Parkland map you will come across the newest playground addition – the Children’s Garden.  This second playground has been built cleverly into the sloping grounds and has many features including two more slides, rope bridge, spinning ride and climbing walls.  Designed to explore natural play and the exploration of nature, kids can weave amongst the bamboo and play right up into the arms of the impressive overhead tree.  My eldest two made good use of the climbing walls here whilst my little bub happily explored the soft rubber ground coverings and giant spinning chair.

roma street parklands slide

Lunch Break!

Of course, my Brisbane Kids went straight for the train and playgrounds on arrival but, after they had exhausted their equipment, they had worked up quite an appetite. By far the best option for families for lunch is a picnic or BBQ.  With green rolling hills wherever you look, shaded by giant figs and climbing trees, it is almost criminal not to throw down a giant blanket and bring out a homemade spread.  Plenty of BBQs and tables are also spotted throughout the parkland and you can either spread a picnic on the green lawns around the playgrounds as we did (great for when we still wanted to laze about whilst the kids raced back with a second wind), or head on down to the lakes precinct.   For those keen to dine in, the Melange Cafe offers a range of food and drink options.

roma street parklands picnic area

Gardens, Precincts, Worms and Other Attractions

Once we had refuelled with lunch we were keen to see what else the parkland had to offer.  A word of warning….there is a lot!  Luckily it can all be taken in with a slow stroll along the many shaded pathways and in many ways, this is a way better option than the easier and quicker train ride as, unless you hop off, there is much you will miss!  Here is a quick overview….

Community Vegetable and Herb Garden and Worm Farm

Right alongside the Children’s Garden is a community herb and vegetable garden.  Whilst my husband delighted in checking out the fresh produce on display, the kids were intrigued by the worm farm and compost set up.  This is a fantastic opportunity to introduce and educate your children on the benefits of growing your own food, as well as the reasons behind compost and recycling.

roma street woman farm


On the opposite side of the Children’s Garden is the Parkland’s amphitheatre, which famously hosts an array of events throughout the year.  The kids will love running up and down the grassed steps or (if they are extroverts like mine) perform on the stage!

Roma street Ampitheatre

Fern Gully Bridge, Forest and Pandanus Headland

Directly opposite the information centre is Fern Gully Bridge, which crosses the main central lake.  On the other side, you can weave around to the left and follow the pathways into the forested gully.  A miniature rainforest with small streams and plenty of wildlife (ducks and water dragons galore) make for some peaceful exploration and the pathways gentle decline to give you a good viewpoint of the different layers of the forest.

Roma Street Parklands Forest Walk

Lake Precinct

With its wide lawns and lakeside walkways, the Lake Precinct is a popular picnic, fishing and birthday party spot.  You can explore plants from the South Pacific, Australian Wetlands and sub-tropical Queensland, or watch the resident ducks on the lake.

Celebration Lawn and Frangipani Court

A central focus of the parklands, Celebration Lawn is made up of a magnificent lawn, cascading water wall, living wall and several different artwork pieces.  A small walkway between the water wall will lead you into Frangipani Court with its feature trees, BBQ and seating area, as well as a fabulous Jumping Salmon water feature.  If your kids have any energy left then this is a great spot to exhaust it completely.  My girls ran and ran over the expansive lawn and took much delight in racing up close to the water wall and back.

Roma Street Parklands Fountain Roma Street Parklands

Spectacle Garden

This beautiful flower garden at Colin Campbell Place is situated opposite the Children’s Garden and is a wondrous place to walk through.  It’s not surprising that, on the day we went, there were three wedding parties taking photos here – the year-round flowering blooms are a rainbow of colour and scents.  With small walkways amongst the flowers and over trickling water features, this really is a lovely place to visit.


Queensland Greats

Before you leave, make sure you show your Brisbane Kids the Queensland Greats wall.  Featuring plaques awarded to the recipients of the Premier’s annual Queensland Greats Awards, it’s an interesting feature and a fun way to introduce them to some of the state’s best.

Parking at Roma Street Parkland

Parking is available at a number of locations throughout and adjacent to the parkland with an additional 200 car parking spaces (including 11 disabled car parking bays) within Roma Street Parkland. Undercover car parking is also available within the residential apartments complex and further car parking spaces are located at College Close Car Park and along Parkland Boulevard with varying parking fees depending on where you park and when. You will also find many bus routes that stop at the Parkland as well as Roma Street Train Station right nearby.

Finally, If you feel like donning your activewear then don’t be afraid to dust off your bicycle, with cycle bays at Parkland Boulevard at the end of Allee Bridge and next to Melange Café near the Carriage Deck.


The Verdict

You really can’t go wrong with a day trip to the Roma Street Parkland.  Overflowing with wildlife and with wide open areas for kids to run free, it really is the best natural playground you can ask for.  Add to that the lakes, shaded walkways, climbing trees, train rides and playgrounds and you have a full day of exploration and fun ahead of you! To find more about Roma Street Parklands head to the Visit Brisbane Website or for more detailed reviews on their playground read our review of Roma Street Parkland playground.

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