Rock Climbing with Kids In Brisbane

Rock climbing Brisbane

Looking for the perfect combination of outdoors and fitness? Rock climbing may be just the activity for you and your Brisbane Kids!

Outdoor Natural Rock Climbing Venues in Brisbane

Rock Climbing Brisbane

One of the best places to go rock climbing in Brisbane is right alongside the Brisbane River at the Kangaroo Point Cliffs.

Riverlife, Kangaroo Point Cliffs

Riverlife, situated in Kangaroo Point, operate guided rock climbing experiences, with qualified and experienced instructors. Making use of the 20 metre cliffs along the river, providing an opportunity for amazing city and river views as you climb.

Each Riverlife rock climbing session includes full instruction, safety briefing and equipment hire. Safety equipment includes a helmet, harness, rope and chalk. There are various levels of rock climbing difficulty suited from beginner and beyond, with no prior experience required.

Age Limits

Participants must be at least 8 years of age to climb the cliffs. Any kids under the age of 13 must also be accompanied by an adult to assist them in belaying, with a minimum one adult per rope. Adults can assist with belaying at no additional charge, unless they intend in participating in their own rock climbing session.

Riverlife also offer a range of other adventure based activities, including water sports such as kayaking and paddle boarding, cycling, rollerblading and segway tours.

Other Outdoor Rock Climbing Locations in Brisbane

While there are other natural rock climbing areas around Brisbane that offer assisted climbing, most of these are suited to 12 years and up, such as the Brisbane Glasshouse Mountains. Some playgrounds such as Brooking Park in Ripley have kid-friendly rock climbing walls and ropes incorporated into their playground, whilst Frew Park at Milton has a concrete climbing wall without ropes (yikes!). These public spaces tend not to require equipment, as they are designed for easy use for older children.

Indoor Rock Climbing in Brisbane

Rock climbing Brisbane

There are also plenty of indoor rock climbing venues around Brisbane, which are perfect for general fitness, fun and avoiding the weather elements. The other great benefit of indoor rock climbing centres is that they cater for a broader range of ages and skill levels as compared to the natural outdoor terrain of a rock face. This means most centres allow climbers from a young age. You will find kid-friendly climbing walls at some indoor play centres in Brisbane.

Indoor Rock Climbing Venues in Brisbane include:

  • Crank Indoor Rock Climbing, which caters to beginners through to advanced Climbers, Slackliners, Spartan Trainers, Tough Mudder trainers, Ninja Warriors and is also a great venue for birthday parties and corporate events.

What You Need

Equipment is included as part of the session fee, therefore you will not require any of your own equipment when attending indoor centres, unless you wish to bring it with you. Most centres will allow you to use your own equipment. Comfortable, suitable clothing is recommended, such as shorts and t-shirts that you would wear to a gym.

Age Limits

Many offer the option for children to climb providing they fit securely into the harness, with others having minimum age limits such as 5 and up. Children will typically need an adult with them, to assist them with the bayer.

Rock Climbing Parties

The other benefit of many indoor rock climbing centres are their party packages. If you are looking for a unique and active party idea for your child’s next birthday, a rock climbing party may be just the thing.

Rock Climbing Classes in Brisbane

Indoor rock climbing classes are also offered at many climbing centres, giving individuals the opportunity to advance from beginner to more challenging climbs, learning important skills and safety tips that can potentially be utilised on outdoor rock climbing locations also.

Mobile Rock Climbing

rock climbing Brisbane

Want to add rock climbing to your next outdoor event or kids birthday party? There are mobile options available for hire, such as those provided by Base Zero. The mobile climbing wall can cater for up to 5 climbers at once, with suitability for climbers from the age of 3 years and up. All safety equipment is provided with supervision, instruction and support provided by staff.

Want to Get Serious About Rock Climbing?

Rock climbing in Brisbane

The Brisbane Rockclimbing Club is a great resource to learn about climbing locations around Brisbane, safety and equipment tips, as well as holding organised climbing events throughout the year. They do not current accept children members, however offer annual memberships for adults and allow children to attend events at parent’s discretion. They also recommend completing rock climbing training and gaining experience before attending their events as they are not a training organisation.

Equipment you will need

There are plenty of stores around Brisbane either specialising in rock climbing equipment or stocking safety equipment as part of their general sports and adventure range of products. The Brisbane Rockclimbing Club website have a list of their preferred rock climbing equipment suppliers, which you can find here.

Rock Climbing Tips for beginners

  • Dress for comfort – wear clothes similar to what you would wear to the gym
  • Special rock climbing shoes are required for climbing
  • Always go with experience climbers when rock climbing outdoors
  • Starting with an indoor centre or a guided course at a venue such as Riverlife is recommended
  • The belayer is the person holding the rope for you
  • Always put safety first

If you and your Brisbane Kids love to live an active lifestyle, then you may like to check out our list of Trampoline parks in Brisbane, and ideas for fun on the Brisbane River.

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