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Robelle Domain is the perfect destination for Brisbane and Ipswich parents seeking more than just simple visit to the park, as it makes the perfect location for an entire day out with your Brisbane Kids in summer or in winter.

Robelle Domain – The Fun

Robelle Domain is more than just a playground for Brisbane Kids. It is situated on 24 hectares and contains more than 11km of boardwalks, sporting fields, walking tracks and playgrounds for Brisbane Kids to enjoy. The play areas boast various features, including lots of water play and an interactive playground.

The water fun area is jam-packed and has tipping buckets and jet sprays. The domain also has some lovely shaded picnic spots, art features, treetop walks, beautiful gardens, a lake and waterfalls. Parents seeking coffee will be pleased to see a cafe right in the middle of the playground.

robelle domain

robelle domain bucket

Imagination Factor

The interactive music space is perfect for budding musicians putting on a show, whilst the grassy open spaces leave themselves open to interpretation, along with games of catch and simple cloud gazing. Great games of tricking your friends into standing under the tipping bucket as it dumps 700 litres of water on them never gets tired.


Robelle Domain has wheelchair-accessible public toilet facilities. The playground is unfenced.

There are many bike and walking paths around the park that are perfect for Brisbane Kids in prams or wheelchairs or testing out their riding skills.

Picnic shelters with tables and barbeques feature in the area, although you will need to get there early to secure a good shady spot.

Robelle Domain features

  • Unfenced playground
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilets
  • Some play equipment under shade sails
  • Soft-fall rubber base
  • Water play area with massive tipping bucket
  • Slides
  • Climbing equipment
  • Swings
  • Electronic interactive play area
  • Nightly light show
  • Bike and walking paths and boardwalks
  • BBQs
  • Picnic tables and shelters
  • Grassy spaces
  • Water features
  • Riverbed

Orion Lagoon

Orion Lagoon is located beside Robelle Domain, covering a total area of over 3.5km. The Orion Lagoon is one of the largest man-made public swimming areas in the Southern Hemisphere, with lifeguards on duty to provide a safe swimming experience for families.

Cool off with your Brisbane Kids in the 50-metre swimming area up to 1.5m deep, which is suitable for swimming laps. Or for younger kids and toddlers, enjoy the elongated tail end of the Orion Lagoon with an average 30cm depth, which also features play areas such as stepping stones and water squits, perfect for water play and exploration.

orion lagoon

Orion Lagoon is surrounded by tables and benches, BBQ areas, umbrellas and large grassy areas perfect for a picnic. There are also lockers, toilets and change tables for your convenience. The Lagoon Cafe is due to open soon, however there are plenty of other eating areas within short walking distance.

Opening Hours: Summer 1 Sep – 31 March: 5am to 9pm; Winter 1 April – 31 August: 8am – 4pm.

Another great nearby Brisbane Playground is Grande Park and Discovery Park

How to get here

Robelle Domain is located on Southern Cross Circuit near Orion, Education City and off Ian Keilar Drive in Springfield Central.

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6 responses to “Robelle Domain in Springfield”

  1. Trin says:

    While this is a great spot to take the kids, with a cafe, lots of open space, bike/walking tracks and of course the water play area, commonsense has been overlooked. There is very little shade to sit under in close proximity to the water play area, and of greatest concern is the slipperyness of the surface of the waterplay area itself. I was there with family yesterday and observed many children, particularly toddlers, slip and fall backwards hitting their heads on the concrete.

  2. Mars says:

    Hi this is a great park but their are a couple of problems with the park their is not enough seating and shaded area for people. they only have 2 table with shade. they also have a few more table around the edge but no shade over them. Not good

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  4. M Walker says:

    We are visiting from Sydney and my girls have loved playing here in the beautiful Queensland weather, I do agree with other comments that there is not a lot of shade and more is needed. However my girls had a blast especially my 4 year old who gets around with the help of a walker she was able to walk in the water and under the jets. All in all a great park but needs some more seating near the water bit and more shade needed.

  5. n mitchell says:

    there is no problem with the shade or the concrete anymore.
    There are lots of shade cloths up. If it is a busy day, bring an umbrella, because there will be a lot of people there.
    the concrete has been matted (a rubber grip matting is down). Sure a kid may slip over, but that is normal for kids. They wont hurt themselves too much cause the matting will help them bounce.

    Great day
    Great equipment
    and super bbq areas.

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