Pullenvale State School

Pullenvale lies within a small, shallow valley bound by an arc of rocky hills peaking at Mt Elphinstone. The school is situated on land with a strong rural history. This is reflected in the Pullenvale State School community today with chickens, vegetable gardens and other rural activities commonplace around the school. The school believes it is an idyllic place for children to spend their primary years and there is a strong sense of community that supports the holistic growth of their children.

The Pullenvale State School community

The Pullenvale State School school population rests with our capacity of 450, with 19 classrooms, a welcoming and vibrant resource centre, a refurbished music and drama room and a large covered play area, affectionately known as ‘Fred’s Shed’. They have an extremely dedicated and professional staff, including a Principal, two Deputy Principals, and 19 classes with classroom teachers. The following specialists also support children at the school: Health & Physical Education (PE), Music, Instrumental Music, Dance and Drama, Japanese (LOTE), Support Teacher: Literacy & Numeracy, Support Teacher: Enrichment, Chaplaincy Program and a Guidance Officer. Teacher Aides, a Business Services Manager, Administration Officers, Facilities and Grounds Staff also provide invaluable assistance to their students.

Pullenvale State School library

Only Our Best Is Good Enough

Pullenvale’s motto – ‘Only Our Best Is Good Enough’ reflects their desire that all students discover their potential and their own particular ‘smarts’. From the start of 2015 the school was granted status as an Independent Public School, allowing greater autonomy to work with their community and create the best learning environment for all children. Pullenvale State School is typified by outstanding young students who value their individual development, respect their relationships with their school peers and care for their school environment. The staff are invested in their students’ development and committed to delivering world quality education through the implementation of the Pullenvale State School Pedagogical Framework. Excellence in academic pursuits is an expectation shared by staff, students and parents alike.

Community Engagement Framework

The wider school community is a wonderful resource and their educational involvement is welcomed in the school to assist in providing a holistic approach to each and every child’s development. Pullenvale State School is immensely proud of the school Community Engagement Framework that facilitates productive partnerships between key interest groups including the kindergartens, high schools, cluster schools, local organisations, their Parents and Citizens’ Association, the School Council and of course, all parents and caregivers. An ongoing focus on extra curricula activities means that children have opportunities to enjoy a vast array of competitions and gatherings. Listed are a small sample of the activities students enjoy: Chess, Academic Competitions, Opti-Minds Tournament, Readers’ Cup, KidzBiz, Choir, Instrumental Music, Band, Athletics, Basketball, Cross Country, Flag Tag, Football, Netball, Rugby League, 7’s Rugby Union, Swimming, Touch, Volleyball, and Equestrian.

Pullenvale State School’s aim as educators is to inspire each and every young child to exceed their potential. As a school, they are “Proud to be Pullenvale”.

Pullenvale State School Logo CMYK

To find out more about Pullenvale State School, please visit https://pullenvaless.eq.edu.au/Pages/default.aspx, or phone (07) 3202 0333.

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