Positive Penguins | A positive thinking app for Kids

positive penguin app for kids

Children often experience feelings of worry, anger, sadness, insecurity and frustration as part of their everyday social and emotional development. Positive Penguin App has been created to help with these big feelings that kids have. Teaching children how to identify and manage these feelings builds their resilience and helps with overall emotional regulation and improved well-being.

Positive Penguins

The Positive Penguins app is designed to help with this, suited to primary school-aged children, particularly in the 9 to 11 year age range, aimed at helping them understand their feelings and challenge negative thinking. The app can be used by parents or teachers to help children understand that their thoughts come from their own feelings, rather than from the situation, helping them become more resilient, happy and optimistic overall.

The Positive Penguins app has 2 modes: How Are You Feeling and Game Mode. It also offers useful information for parents and teachers on how to effectively use the app.

How are you feeling?

Kids are prompted to choose how they are feeling from a set of common feelings. They are then asked to give an explanation of why they are feeling this way. The 4 positive penguins, Evi, Ollie, Happ and Buddy help by exploring different aspects of the situation, through investigation, seeing the bigger picture, other perspectives and identifying positive thoughts. This encourages the child to challenge their negative thought and to consider positive alternatives and useful actions, which helps equip them with the skills to use positive thinking when faced with similar future situations.

Game mode

app to help kids be positive

Positive Penguins also offers a fun game mode for kids to play for entertainment, which works as a further incentive to use to the app. They can also customise their penguin character, earn points and challenge themselves to improve their own high scores.

Further information

Positive Penguins app is available in both the Apple iTunes Store ($2.49) and the Google Play store ($1.99). There is also a corresponding website with more useful resources to support children’s emotional development, including lesson plans that can be utilised in schools. It was also the winner of the 2014 Apps for All Challenge, making it a great tool to assist your child with positive thinking and the development of effective decision-making skills. Find out more at www.positivepenguins.com.

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  1. Positive Penguins says:

    @brisbanekids Thank you very much for your great review of our Positive Penguins App – we really appreciate it and would love to give some of your readers some free promo codes for the app if you would like. Just let me know – [email protected]

    Thanks again, much appreciated. Meg

  2. Positive Penguins says:

    Thanks again for sharing – we have dropped the price of the app to $1.29 and half price for schools.

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