Phonics Apps for Kids

Phonics Apps for kids

These days there is an app for everything and everything is in an app. For parents who perhaps aren’t quite up there and savvy with the world of apps it can be overwhelming to even know where to start looking for the right apps for your child. The number of phonics apps available is vast and varied. We’ve put together there 5 highly rated apps to get you and your Brisbane Kids started.

1. Interactive Alphabet ABC’s

($3.79 on iTunes)

Interactive Alphabet ABC's

Interactive Alphabet ABC’s has multiple levels to cater for different ages. Ages 1+ can enjoy the A-Z touch tour, which is all about exposure to letters. ‘Explore’ allows kids 2+ to interact with letter toys. ‘Sing’ is all about 26 dancing robots and features a sing along for all ages. ‘Type’ encourages users to discover the keyboard, getting kids to match keys to letters to type words. ‘Trace’ features letter and word drawing with a fingertip or stylus, and has left hand support. You can customise Interactive Alphabet ABC’s by adding familiar pictures or words and you can even add your own photos. This app uses upper and lower case or mixed letters, phonic sounds (US or UK accent) and has no in app purchases, ads or social media links.

2. Alphatots

($1.29 on iTunes and $1.20 on Android)


Alphatots is great for the younger kids. It includes 26 preschool puzzles and mini games to assist alphabet learning. Upper and lower case letters are used throughout the games and puzzles, and the app has a fun alphabet sing-along song that you and your child can enjoy together. This app is action based, with lots of verbs and sound effects.

3. Phonics: Fun on the Farm

($2.49 on iTunes and US$1.99 on Android [via Amazon])

Phonics Fun on the Farm

Phonics: Fun on the Farm is a comprehensive introduction to early literacy skills. It has 12 different games using a systematic phonics approach with upper and lower case letters. There are over 250 words and sight words included, and you can choose your own letters to work with or games to play. Kids will have fun earning stickers for the 6 reward scenes. Record keeping is also available for multi-use and multi-players. There is currently has US and UK English version, but Australian English is coming soon.

4. Sushi Scramble: Multi-Player Word Game

($6.49 on iTunes and $5.55 on Android)

Sushi Scramble

Kids love all things Sushi, and Sushi Scramble can cater to 2-4 players on the one device! Players can work together to win, or compete against each other. Kids can set their own challenges e.g. words beginning with ‘R’ or 4 letter words. Sushi Scramble doesn’t connect to outside social media sites, but there is an in-app messaging function that allows kids to write messages to each other and also find others on the internet to challenge.

5. Endless Alphabet

($8.99 on iTunes and FREE on Android)

Endless Alphabet

Endless Alphabet is aimed at younger, pre-school aged kids. It includes interactive puzzles and talking letters to keep your child entertained while they learn the world of letters. It has over 50 words to explore and comes with 7 free word puzzles. This app is non-competitive; it has no high scores, failures or limits, making it great fun for the younger kids.

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