Hill End Terrace Playground at Orleigh Park | West End Playground

This awesome playground is suited to Brisbane Kids of all ages, is an easy walk to several public transport options and is protected day-round by beautiful mature shade trees.

Hill End Terrace Playground – The Fun

Kids big and small are catered to in this fun playground. Slide down a frog’s tongue, climb on the insects, spin on the merry go rounds, play shopkeeper or climb the forts – there is lots to do in this popular West End park.

This playground is approximately 600m from the CityCat and CityGlider terminals but still an easy, flat walk along a wide concrete path if you wanted to make the outing an adventure! This park is perfectly positioned for river watching as regular ferries and other river craft sail past. There is also another small set of swings and animal rockers on the far side of the Sailing Club, on Riverside Drive. Orleigh Park features on our list of Brisbane Parks that are Wifi hotspots.

Imagination Factor

Ride your bike or scooter along the purpose-built track around the playground complete with bridges, speed bumps and corrugations and concrete and soft fall rubber sections to engage the inner rally driver. Swing for hours on the swings or spin around on one of several merry go rounds and dizzy sticks. The playground is even surrounded by a low garden which looks perfect for fairies to live in.

Special Needs

There is a harness swing at this playground (see picture). Disabled toilets are adjacent to the playground accessed by concrete pathway. Wheelchairs could be accommodated at the picnic tables, some of which can be accessed by pathways. There is partial fencing along the top of a retaining wall in the middle of the playground, and along the riverbank behind the swings to deter enthusiastic children falling over the edge.

Hill End Terrace Playground – The Facts

  • Unfenced playground mostly shaded by mature trees
  • River partially fenced-in areas
  • Bark and soft fall rubber base
  • Accessible toilet facilities
  • Oversized insects to climb on and discover
  • Three forts with various climbing equipment
  • Slides
  • Bike and walking paths
  • Swing
  • Infant swings
  • Harness swing
  • Merry go round
  • Dizzy stick
  • See saws
  • Rockers
  • Sheltered picnic tables
  • Electric barbecues
  • Unsheltered picnic tables
  • Three areas available to book for special events via Brisbane City Council
  • Landscaped gardens
  • Adjacent to Brisbane River

Another great nearby Brisbane Playground is Orleigh Street Playground in Orleigh Park or if you fancy a coffee and some food you could head to Jugar Eat, Drink, Play, a child-friendly cafe/restaurant featuring a play area. 

Hill End Terrace Playground is located within Orleigh Park, on Hill End Terrace in West End.

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2 responses to “Hill End Terrace Playground at Orleigh Park | West End Playground”

  1. […] Brisbane City Council’s free wireless internet can be located near to the West End ferry terminal. Orleigh Park has wheelchair-accessible toilets, a playground, BBQ, shelter and lots of shady trees, wheelchair access and a bikeway and walking path. Check out our notes on Orleigh Park for a wonderful inner Brisbane city playground. […]

  2. Bob Meadows says:

    I went with my daughter and two granddaughters to this park recently and was surprised to see that there is no fence on the river side of the footpath which follows the river’s edge. The playground is only two metres from the river’s edge. Yes, there is a small partial fence, but this would in no way stop a wandering child. Imagine my dismay when during our visit I watched a child, no older than two, walk to within centimetres of the footpath edge, on the river side, and stand there. The child’s carers were nowhere to be seen, and other parents didn’t notice the danger the child was in. I walked quickly to the child and managed to move her away from the edge. Only then did her mother appear, and I told her in no uncertain terms that she should be supervising her child at all times, particularly near a river.
    There were at least 80 children there that day, and many mothers were blithely chatting away while their children played. I cannot believe that a playground can be located so close to an unfenced river.

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