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Open days for schools in Brisbane are not unlike real estate open days, providing you with the opportunity to check a school out before you enrol or buy. The best advice we have is to make sure you do your homework. Many schools have a lot of information available online to allow you to narrow down depending on school location, fees, enrollment conditions and facilities.  Brisbane highschools in particular can be difficult to gain places in without meeting certain criteria. In Brisbane it is definitely an advantage to enroll your kids in private schools as soon as you are able and check Brisbane School catchment areas if you have a particular state school on your radar.

Brisbane Primary School Open Days

Brisbane Secondary School Open Days

OR how to find your Brisbane school catchment area

First impressions count at a Brisbane School Open Day

One thing to consider when attending an open day is who is conducting the tour? Is it a member of staff or is it a member of administration. We tend to think that an appearance by the school principal or deputy to be the biggest tick you can get in this area. By taking the time out to meet prospective parents, it really shows a commitment to the school community – a top down approach.

Are the grounds of the school well maintained, is their pride taken in the community?

Do you feel welcomed the moment you are greeted. After much prior online research don’t underestimate a parental gut feeling to tell you that this is the right choice.

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Attending a Kindergarten or Child Care Open Day with your Brisbane Kid

Generally once or twice a year local Kindergartens and Childcare facilities open their doors to welcome prospective parents. The days often include entertainment and games as a way of welcoming the entire family and ensuring parents feel confident in bringing their children. The main thing you want to look at in early years open days is how many staff are present for the open days?  How bright and welcoming are the play areas? Do the children have access to mudpits, sandplay or other nature play outlets.

Are there testimonials of enjoyment across the walls and hanging from the ceilings (aka examples of artwork done by attending children).

Attending A Primary School Open Day with your Brisbane Kid

You will find that as the years increase so do the formality of the tours to better cater for the increasing number of parents attending at any one time. Some state schools exclusively offer personal tours while some private schools offer intensive open days in addition to interviews.

Open days at this level are often about showing examples of student output while showing the parents around the school grounds and displaying the available facilities as well as any school achievements.

Attending a Secondary School Open Day with your Brisbane Kid

Many private secondary schools conduct tours all year round culminating in a massive open day for prospective parents to attend. Some secondary schools only offer the one opportunity for a group open day otherwise only offering one on one tours. It is a good idea to get in touch with the schools you may be attending to find out their preference. The one on one or small group tours are often an additional chance to have a more personal chat with administration while the open days will give you the opportunity to seek out individual teaching specialities and properly explore the facilities at the school you are touring. It can also be a chance to meet other parents and get an early start from finding out about extra curricular groups and activities. Remember that for many of the private and independent schools, early enrollment is essential with some schools accepting children from birth.

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