New Farm Park at New Farm | Fun by the river

A great park for both kids and adults of all abilities and interests, at any time of the year!!

New Farm Park – The Fun

To call New Farm Park a ‘park’ is a slight understatement, considering it occupies approximately 37ha of land and sees over 15000 visitors and Brisbane Kids each weekend. The New farm playground consists of a fort like tree-house with heaps of lovely shade as well as an extensive bridge walk that winds like a hobbit trail through the aging fig trees that abound the park. It is a climber’s paradise, with a good cover of mulch to protect the inevitable tumbles.

A quick stroll away from the playground takes you towards the Brisbane River where you can enjoy a lovely stroll with great views. There are large plain grass grounds across the road from the playground, where kids can fly a kite or ride their bikes. This is also a great space for adults to exercise or a have relaxing picnic. The park also has lots of decorative flowers arranged throughout which adds to the scenery.

Imagination Factor

Really, the sky is the limit with this playground. Climb the rope climbing frame and be spiderman, a fairy, an astronaut, or a knight in shining armour, saving damsels in distress from the dragons on the ground. Climb over the dragon’s eggs, ride the dragon spring-rockers. The huge wooden tree house and boardwalk that are built around and through the fig trees provides a great stage for lots of games. Swings, slides, music, merry-go-rounds – so much to keep your child entertained for hours. And if you are still looking for more, why not take a picnic and find a grassy patch on the river bank to have your snack – and river watch.

Special Needs

Some of the facilities at New Farm Park cater to those with special needs, there is a “sway away” swing, large merry go round (would need to get out of wheelchair to ride, if applicable) plus harnessed swings, as per pictures. The music stations are at a good height for people in wheelchairs. There are disabled toilets adjacent to the playground, with a small change room and bench. There are lots of paths around the playground giving good access for prams or wheelchairs. Picnic tables have space for wheelchairs and are the correct height.

New Farm Park – The Facts

  • Playground equipment for a variety of ages over a softfall, bark, gravel and sand base
  • Unfenced playground
  • Shade and climbing trees (figs)
  • Swings
  • Rockers
  • A massive fort
  • Giant rope climbing frame
  • Music stations
  • Dragon themed area
  • Open grassy spaces
  • Gardens
  • Electric BBQs
  • Accessible toilet facilities
  • Water
  • Bike and walking paths
  • Carparking in park and in surrounding streets (disabled parking available)
  • Free council WiFi
  • Accessible by public transport (ferry, bus or CityCat)

Another central Brisbane Playground is Roma Street Parkland.

This park review was updated in 2013.

Be sure to check out some of the other Brisbane Parks that are Wifi hotspots.

New Farm Park is located on Brunswick Street at New Farm.


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