Mud World 2019 **CANCELLED***

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PLEASE NOTE: Mud World Cancelled: due to the severity of the drought conditions in QLD Nature Play have decided, with heavy hearts, to cancel this year’s Mud World event which was going to take place on October 5 and 6 at Samford, Brisbane.

What child doesn’t love getting dirty?  Whilst everyone the world around can probably spout the psychological, developmental and health benefits of children getting outside and getting dirty in nature, the truth is simply that for kids the idea of running wild and doing something as reckless of covering themselves in mud is FUN.

Mountains of DIRT, heaps of FUN!

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Nature Play Queensland are once again hosting an amazing, hands-on experience that will not only get our children outdoors and active but will get them right in the thick of that one thing parents fear and children love….MUD!

That’s right, with a myriad of different elements set out for children to navigate, all featuring that slimy dark mess we prefer to avoid, Mud World is sure to be a huge hit with both parents and children alike.  The kids because they can get messy and us adults as it is done nowhere near our own homes!

Hint: It might be a good idea to pack some clean clothes for the drive home.

Mud World – The Realms


Not just a huge pile of mud to play in, Mud World will be set up with five different ‘realms‘ in which the kids can play.  These are:

Muddy Monsterland

A muddy playground specifically for the wee little ones (0-2 year old’s).  Peruse the shops, order a mud pie from the Mud Pie Bakery where you will find the finest earthly delights, and order a muddaccino at the Café le Mud with the best MUDistas in Ipswich. Mud Sketching and Mud Sculpting are there for the budding true artists to come and master the skills of mud.

Village of Mud

A giant mud pit and mud puddle for all ages is the heart of Mud World. Each session will include some organised fun and games – Tug of War, Stuck-in-the-mud, and Statues to name just a few.

Mud Mania

DANGER- The mud mania realm is not for the faint hearted! This is a squirmish of mud. You will be supplied goggles and pats on the back. This muddy mayhem is for the fast, the strong and the courageous. Run through the maze of mud in the lookout for adventure.

Land Slide

The speed and laughter on these slippery slopes will make kid’s belly butterflies shiver with tickling joy. You will find yourself circling back and forth around this peak of slippery mud.

The Great Muddy Mountain Range

Come conquer the Great Muddy Mountain Range. Slip and slide down avalanches of mud! Up, down and through the great mounds of mud! This will be your chance to climb and slide your way through the fun of Mud World!

Mud World – The Mud Festival for Kids!

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When: Saturday 5 October 2019 at Session 1: 8:30am – 10:30am | Session 2: 11:30am – 1.30pm | Session 3: 2.30pm- 4:30pm.

Sunday 6 October at Session 1: 8:30am – 10:30am | Session 2: 11:30am – 1.30pm

Where: Baden Powell Park, Samford

Price: Day Sessions: $27.50 per child | $5.50 per guardian.

Bookings: Tickets go on sale to the public on 10 July 2019. Bookings are essential and can be made here.

Important: Children supervision ratio is 1 parent or guardian to every 2 children. This event is suitable for Brisbane Kids aged 0 – 14 years. 

The Venue: Baden Powell Park, Samford

Baden Powell Park is located at 8 Cash Ave, Samford Village. Only about 35 minutes from Brisbane CBD.  There is also onsite parking available. 

For more information on Mud World click here

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