Mount Gravatt Outlook Reserve in Mt Gravatt | Playground with City Views

The basic playground at Mount Gravatt Outlook Reserve is definitely more suited to younger Brisbane Kids; however the area is fantastic for a bushwalk with bigger kids and family picnics on the large grassy spaces.

Mount Gravatt Outlook Reserve – The Fun

Even though Mount Gravatt Outlook Reserve only has a small playground, suited to younger Brisbane Kids, there is much to do in the area and it’s a great spot for a family picnic. The playground includes a Sway Swing that can be accessed in a wheelchair, as well as swings, a climbing net and rockers protected from the sun by a large shade sail. There is grassy space to run around and lots of large shade trees. The walking trails are potentially hilly and not very accessible for prams or wheelchairs. There are no barbeques at Mount Gravatt Outlook Reserve, however there is a kiosk located right next to the playground. There is a native education gardens near to the playground also, though this is a little underwhelming. The view over Brisbane CBD and out to the islands is grand.

Imagination Factor

The nature element and the expansive views in this area are a major drawcard, especially for Brisbane Kids wanting an adventure. Bigger Brisbane Kids can explore the bush walking trails, keeping a lookout for wildlife. Smaller Brisbane Kids will feel like the king of the castle as they survey their kingdom from this high vantage point.

Special Needs

Mount Gravatt Outlook Reserve does not have toilet facilities, however there are bathrooms located at the adjacent kiosk/café (access subject to kiosk opening times). There is a large carpark with plenty of parking. A shade sail protects the play equipment from the sun during the day and there are several large trees around the grassy areas to throw down a blanket for a picnic in the shade.  There are unsheltered picnic tables, but no barbeques in this area of the reserve. The adjacent kiosk is a great option for an impromptu snack.

Mount Gravatt Outlook Reserve – The Facts

  • Partially fenced playground sheltered by shade sail
  • Toilet facilities only in adjacent café (subject to opening times)
  • Rubber base
  • Sway swing, suitable for wheelchair use
  • Swing
  • Infant swing
  • Climbing net
  • Rockers
  • Nearby native education garden
  • Walking tracks (potentially hilly)
  • Shady trees
  • Open grassy spaces
  • Unsheltered picnic tables
  • Large carpark

Another fantastic nearby Brisbane Playground is DM Henderson Park.

Mount Gravatt Outlook Reserve is located on Mount Gravatt Outlook Drive in Mount Gravatt.

Center map

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2 responses to “Mount Gravatt Outlook Reserve in Mt Gravatt | Playground with City Views”

  1. Kylie Rook says:

    There are toilets there now, not only in the cafe. There are public ones 🙂

  2. Kylie Rook says:

    The kiosk and soon to be open cafe are run by a different organisation now. Gorgeous views.

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