Fun Ideas for an Australian Themed Christmas

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Christmas for Brisbane Kids is an exciting and magical time steeped in family traditions and special memories, from the annual hanging of festive decorations to the tasty treats shared with loved ones. Whether you’re looking for great inspiration for your family festivities or ways to celebrate the wonderful Australian yuletide culture, you’ll love these Aussie-themed Christmas ideas!

Australian Christmas Decorations

Instead of a traditional holly and ivy Christmas wreath, consider a wreath that incorporates the stunning flowers from native Australian trees. Below is a wreath featuring flowering gum trees for that authentic red and green Christmas look but we also love the look of yellow wattle wreaths. You can buy these online completely finished from places like Etsy or head to Spotlight Australia for their Christmas wreath DIY packs

Aussie Christmas wreath

Image credit: The Kids Are Alright

Australian Christmas Craft

Kids will love this cute Aussie gumnut people thanks to Australian blogger Mother Natured. She has tons of Australia theme craft on her website so if craft is your thing, then head over to her website for more.  

gumnut craft

Image and craft credit: Mother Natured

Thong decorations

If you’re going all out on the Aussie theme, check out these quirky thong Christmas decorations found on!

australian themed christmas decoration

Christmas Colouring In

When you are heading to a Christmas get together with friends and young children, do yourself a favour and download and print our free Australian Christmas themed colouring-in sheets

australian animals, christmas colouring in pages

Aussie themed food

Gingerbread Ute

Aussie themed gingerbread house, anyone? This Aussie themed ute is sure to put an Australia spin on what is traditionally a gingerbread house covered in snow. 

gingerbread ute

Tropical Pavlova

It wouldn’t be an Aussie Christmas without a pavlova adorned with the seasonal fruits like cherries, perfect for a hot and humid Christmas day- we love this one from Delicious. Don’t be intimidated by the complex decorating you see here because all you need is lots of whipped cream and some berries and you have a masterpiece! 

Image and recipe credit: Delicious

Christmas Prawns

Prawns are a Christmas staple in Australia, the biggest decision is not whether to have prawns but how to have them! Whether you eat them ice cold with a beer or have them on skewers, make sure you get in early to get your Christmas seafood. 

Grilled shrimp skewers. Seafood, shelfish. Shrimps Prawns skewers with spices and fresh herbs on white wooden background, copy space. Shrimps prawns brochette kebab. Barbecue srimps prawns.

Watermelon Christmas Trees

Watermelon is starting to go out of season at Christmas, but you will be able to make the most of this wonderful fruit at Christmas parties prior as your go-to “bring a plate”. Perfect for kindy and end of school break ups where you could pair with star shapes Kiwi Fruit. We found this version on Serendipity and Kate. 

watermelon christmas tree

Image and Recipe: Serendipity and Kate

Frozen Christmas Pudding

But if you really have a craving for Christmas pudding, but can’t face it in the Aussie heat, why not try this spectacular recipe for a frozen Christmas pudding from Delicious? 

frozen christmas pudding

Image and Recipe: Delicious

Christmas books

Christmas Wombat

If you haven’t found this Australian series yet then you will be thanking us forever. Diary of a Wombat is one of the funniest laugh out loud kids books you will ever read both for the illustrations but also the storylines. Christmas Wombat is an equally endearing Christmas version of this popular series. You can get this on book depository (affiliate link) here


For more ideas for an Aussie Christmas to remember, check out our 60 Christmas Traditions, and our Brisbane Kids Guide to Christmas has all the best events, activities, lights and more for you and your Brisbane Kids to enjoy this festive season!

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