Mental Health and Therapy Options in Brisbane for Kids

mental therapy options

Sometimes it’s hard to admit when we need help, when we can’t fix everything and we can’t always do everything on our own. If you feel your child may benefit from some form of therapeutic support, you are not alone! You have not failed in some way. In fact, you are doing the BEST thing for your child by looking into how to help. Hold your head up high. You are an AWESOME parent!

What are the mental health and therapy options for kids in Brisbane?

Kids from toddlers to teenagers may need support for any number of reasons, ranging from behavioural and developmental issues to learning and physical disabilities. The great news is that here in Brisbane we have access to a multitude of excellent organisations and services for an extensive range of childhood issues. The bad news is that with so many on offer it can be hard for parents to work out which type of therapy is the most suitable for their child. We take a look at some of the main therapies available for kids in Brisbane to help you discover the right path for your family.

Family doctors in Brisbane

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While they don’t provide therapy themselves, visiting a medical practitioner such as your family GP is a very important first step whenever you have concerns about the physical or mental health of your child. Early diagnosis of issues is fundamental in ensuring children receive the appropriate help as soon as possible, which can make a massive difference to the efficacy of the treatment and can be life changing for everyone involved. Your GP can also refer you to relevant therapists and other support to ensure you get the best aid possible.

Counselling and Psychotherapy for Kids

Often confused with each other, counselling and psychotherapy are both essentially talking-based therapies. While they can overlap and often do, counselling is generally advice-based treatment for dealing with particular situations or problems, whereas psychotherapy is usually a longer process focusing on general thought processes and behaviour rather than single problems. Counselling and psychotherapy are usually helpful for kids who need guidance with issues such as:

• anger management; • anxiety; • behavioural issues; • depression; • family issues; • low confidence and self-esteem; • social difficulties; and • stress.

Often counselling and psychotherapy sessions for children involve a combination of individual therapy, group therapy and family therapy, based on the needs of the child. One of the most common forms of therapy for children offered by child psychologists is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), which aims to help kids cultivate positive thought processes for better coping and stress management in difficult times.

For more in-depth details of specific psychology and counselling services for kids in Brisbane, please click here.

Brisbane Children’s Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy helps people to gain independence through improving their ability to perform day-to-day tasks at home, school and play. It focuses on sensory issues and motor skills, as well as cognitive and social skills. It can provide huge help to kids who face issues including:

• chromosomal disorders; • developmental delays; • learning disabilities; • neurological disorders; • physical disabilities; and • social difficulties.

You can also read What to Look For in an Occupational Therapist in Brisbane for more information and guidance.

Physiotherapy in Brisbane for Kids

Physiotherapy for kids aims to enhance their mobility, movement and physical abilities. They can help children to function at their best through various strategies and exercises that can also involve treatments such as Hydrotherapy and Suspension Therapy. Physiotherapy can greatly help kids with the following and more:

• chromosomal disorders; • developmental delays; • foot anomalies; • injuries; • neurological conditions; • physical disabilities; and • premature births.

Brisbane Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy or Speech Pathology helps kids to develop their speech skills and their ability to use and understand language. As well as helping with communication skills, Speech Therapy can also help children to tackle eating and drinking issues. Speech Therapy may be a useful therapy for kids who have:

• developmental delays; • difficulty swallowing; • hearing or auditory processing issues; • illiteracy; • language issues; • learning disabilities; • physical disabilities; • problems with speech (e.g. pronunciation, stuttering); and • social issues.

Alternative Therapies for Children

In addition to the main therapies above, there are also some exceptional alternative therapies available in Brisbane, including everything from Music Therapy and Behavioural Optometry to Salt Therapy. There are also many Natural Therapy options to explore, including Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Massage and Naturopathy. You can find out more about natural therapy options here.

For a wealth of information, advice and services, our Special Needs section is a great resource. You can also visit our Therapists page for details of Therapists and their services to get the best possible support for your Brisbane Kid and your family as a whole.

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