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Frew Park Milton

If you are wanting to know where all the best playgrounds and parks are in Brisbane then you have come to the right place!

We save you time by only showcasing the best playgrounds to help you build the best memories.

Brisbane Parks and Playgrounds Map

Use the map below to zoom in on the area you wish to see. Use your mobile phone with this map and it will geolocate the best parks near you. Then click on a park for more details, including a link to a full review of the playground or reserve.

Brisbane’s best playgrounds

At Brisbane Kids, we want to showcase THE BEST things to do in and around Brisbane, so our Parks Map features WOW parks and playgrounds that are definitely worth a visit! For the best parks and playgrounds in the following categories, use the buttons below.

hercules steet park mega slide

Hercules Street Park Hamilton

Fenced Playgrounds Brisbane

North Brisbane Playgrounds

South Brisbane Playgrounds

Ipswich Playgrounds

Gold Coast Playgrounds

Sunshine Coast Playgrounds


Top 5 playgrounds and parks

We carried out a survey of Brisbane families, and here are their picks for the best playgrounds and parks in Brisbane.

  1. Kalinga Park Clayfield
  2. Lower Moora Park Shorncliffe
  3. Robelle Domain Springfield
  4. Hidden World Fitzgibbon
  5. Rocks Riverside Park Seventeen Mile Rocks

brentwood forest playground and slide

Brentwood forest playground and slide

The Brisbane Kids App

The Brisbane Kids App is a great tool to have on your mobile phone, tablet or another compatible device so that you can find parks, playgrounds and have access to all our best content while on the go. You can download the app in all the usual places, including:

Other Play Spaces

There are so many other great play spaces for families to enjoy in and around Brisbane.


Before You Go to a Park

Make sure you read our full park reviews so you know what to expect before heading to a local park or playground. Here are some important factors you may wish to consider:

  • Does the park have shade? If it’s not and it’s sand-based be careful of heading there on a hot summer’s day. 
  • Check for toilets, especially if you’re planning on spending some decent time there.
  • Check if it’s fenced. Some playgrounds are partially fenced and others are fully fenced. We have a list of all fenced playgrounds in Brisbane for your convenience.

shady green coloured playground

City Botanic Gardens

How can our leisure spaces for families improve?

Our Brisbane Parks Map has a combination of fenced and unfenced playgrounds. What we hear most from families is that we need more fenced playgrounds — not just for all abilities playgrounds but all WOW playgrounds. The investment is an investment in the safety of our children.

Another improvement local families wish to see is more facilities, especially toilets in big playgrounds. While we’ve found that most council-funded playgrounds tend to have toilet facilities, some development led playgrounds do not. Developers should be applauded for their contributions to many of the newer parklands across Brisbane, but should also be working alongside to councils to ensure that they provide the best facilities for our families.

Families also want to see more shade in playgrounds so that they are able to enjoy them throughout the day and know that their children are able to play safely. We hope that more and more leisure spaces will take a sun-safe approach to provide the best and safest spaces for families to enjoy.

playground at Walton Bridge Reserve

Walton Bridge Reserve The Gap

We currently feature over 300 WOW playgrounds and parks in and around Brisbane and are continually adding to and updating our Brisbane Parks Map to ensure it covers all the latest information and playgrounds. If you have a favourite park we are missing, be sure to let us know!

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14 responses to “Parks in Brisbane | Brisbane Parks Map”

  1. Samara says:

    I wish they didn’t have those open (jump off) sections on all playgrounds. Or atleast made them more difficult to get to so older kids could still use them and I didn’t have a heart attack exert time my 18 month old runs for them!

  2. Tim Playford says:

    I might have missed it in the listing above, but one park we have found that is truly awesome is Guyatt Park, next to the ferry terminal. It has a beautiful view over the river, particularly at sunset, and there are two playgrounds, an oval, toilets and barbeques. Both playgrounds are shaded, one for larger kids and one for the littlies, although neither are fenced. Can’t recommend it highly enough, a great place to go for a picnic or barbie while the kids amuse themselves on the equipment. There are even a few shops about 10 minutes walk away for an icecream or takeaway dinner if you are too lazy to cook a barbie!

  3. Rayme says:

    I know Landsborough isn’t in Brisbane but it has the most fantastic park ever.

  4. Skye McFarlane says:

    There is an awesome park in Calamvale. The Calamvale District Park on Formby Street Calamvale. It is a large park set away from the road with fantastic play equipment. The park has a flying fox, a huge slide and more. There are also BBQ’s and public ammenities.

    • Gav says:

      yeah, that’s a superb park. Also, there’s a great little park at Perkins Street in Calamvale. Has beautiful spreading trees for climbing, lots of shade, plus equipment for young and old kids (and parents, too). No toilets though but good for a short stay.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Just spent the morning at New Farm park and can’t believe how good it was. Safe, well designed and loads to do. We found it from your site as we are on holidays. Thank you!

  6. Monika says:

    I wonder why there are so many more playgrounds on the northside than on the southside. Are more families living north?

  7. David Murphy says:

    Recently took my Grandson to the train park at Milton. He loved it!! Was so excited for the 2 hours we were there. Take the time to check it out, really worth it, especially if your child/Grandchild likes trains. Well done BCC.

  8. Main says:

    Hi BBC, This is Great!

  9. Main says:

    Hi guys! You did a great job on this. Thanks

  10. danielle says:

    You’ve forgotten the park at South Maclean. Loads of tall shady trees and plenty of space to run around and play. They’ve even got BBQs and stuff.

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