Mandatory Vaccination In Australia Is Here

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Parents who consciously object to vaccinating their children will lose a raft of childcare and welfare payments from the 1st of January next year.

The Federal Government has announced the end of the conscientious objector exemption for access to the Child Care Rebate, Child Care Benefits and Family Tax Benefit Part A end of year supplement.

Currently, those with anti-vaccination beliefs can ask a doctor or nurse to sign a form registering their objection, which then allows them to receive the taxpayer funded benefits.

But from next year, exemptions will only be granted to families who do not vaccinate for medical or religious reasons.

Religious objections will only be available when the person is part of a religious body that has a government-approved formally registered objection.

In a joint statement, the Human Services Minister Scott Morrison and Prime Minister Tony Abbott said: “Parents who vaccinate their children should have confidence that they can take their children to child care without the fear that their children will be at risk of contracting a serious or potentially life-threatening illness because of the conscientious objections of others.”

The government said childhood vaccination rates in Australia sit at more than 90 per cent, however, more than 39 thousand children under the age of seven are not vaccinated because their parents object to the practice.

The Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has offered bipartisan support for the move.

It also has the support of advocacy group The Parenthood.

The Argument for Mandatory Vaccinations

Last month, the Executive Director Jo Briskey said it was worrying that only 92 per cent of Queensland five-year-olds are fully vaccinated when the level needed for effective heard immunity is 95 per cent.

“The figures are particularly concerning for Queensland where four our of the five Medicare Local catchments across Australia with the greatest number of children registered with a conscientious objection in 2012-13 were from Queensland,” she said.

There has been a renewed focus on childhood vaccination rates since the tragic death of four-week-old Riley Hughes in Perth from whooping cough.

What are your thoughts?

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54 responses to “Mandatory Vaccination In Australia Is Here”

  1. freedom Of Choice says:

    It doesn’t Seem right that working parents ie Taxpayers can be denied the benefit of the taxes they are paying over something completely unrelated! Why should they be forced to subsidize childcare for others then.

    • Catherina says:

      because they are causing health care costs?

      • Anon says:

        The greatest healthcare costs are related to heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, self harm etc. I don’t see the government tripping over themselves to deny social wealthfare to the obese, smokers or self harmers.

        • Conscientious objector says:

          Parent of 12 and 15 year olds partially vaccinated . you are so right .there are more irresponsible parents/Australians out there feeding their children harmful foods that cause diabetes , bad disruptive behaviour like ADHD , obesity ect that will lead to a massive cost to our health system are they going to have to pay for their own costs in hospital due to their own poor choice? I am apauled that my right to choose what chemical is put into my children’s body’s has been taken away .

  2. Disgusted with This site says:

    Idiots. If vaccines work how is your vaccinated child at risk?

    • Duh.. says:

      vaccinated kids generally get fewer and milder side affects, it decreases the chance of death and they are less likely to catch it but that doesn’t make them invincible. It just makes them better equip to survive it.
      And it doesn’t give you the right to put them threw that because of your lack of understanding … idiot

    • Catherina says:

      babies who are to young to vaccinate are being put at risk by vaccine refusers – in Germany, one unvaccinated boy infected 6 kids with measles and killed 2.

      • Alexandra says:

        Can you direct us to sources of this information regarding 2 German measles deaths. Found information regarding this unvaccinated child:
        BERLIN — An 18-month-old boy has died of measles amid an outbreak in Berlin, a hospital in the German capital said Tuesday.(February 2015)An autopsy on the child, who wasn’t inoculated against measles, showed that he had an unspecified other disease as well but that wouldn’t have led to his death without the measles infection, the Charite hospital said.
        It is the first known death in an outbreak in which Berlin has recorded more than 570 cases since October.

      • primary sources says:

        It DOES NOT MATTER IF YOUR VACCINATED OR NOT. Any child coming into contact with said virus WILL HAVE IT IN THEIR body!!! Being vaccinated doesn’t magically make the virus disappear . If ANY CHILD comes into contact with said virus it WILL BE PASSED ON. It would seem pro vaccine individuals , whom are the only people under this dangerous misinformed idea, are screaming bloody murder about non vaccinated children affecting their child. Just to make it clear, if my child IS vaccinated and comes into contact with a virus my VACCINATED child can PASS ON the virus to your child. To the administrator of this site please don’t delete my comments it’s dishonest and shows you have something to hide and as this site is for CHILDREN this is highly unethical. I have removed any potentially offending or degrading comments.

        • Effie says:

          Obviously the child that has been vaccinated is now immune to being infected as was the purpose for the vaccination and should most definatly not contract somthing theyve been vaccinated against.
          If this is not the case then these vaccines would not be working.
          I agree its ridiculous to say an un vaccined child could pass somthing to a child vaccinated against that thiing.
          If this is the case then these vaccines arent working.
          Its insame over vaccination.
          The un vaccinated kid remains at risk of developing somthing and this must remain a parents choice.
          Drugs are bad x end of

  3. Dan Van N. says:

    Case in point: The Amish. They do not vaccinate their children. Never have. Polio and other such diseases that are supposedly critical to vaccinate for are unheard of in Amish circles. Vaccines are a hoax and one day in the future we will all look back at them with the same distain in which we now view blood-letting.

    • Lets compare apples and orange says:

      The Amish live an isolated lifestyle, most of these diseases are contagious from person to person. It’s also why countries indigenous peoples didn’t have most diseases before their isolation was broken and died in such great numbers when settlers brought it with them.
      You cant use and isolated population as and example when comparing it to a multicultural and mixed society. We have people from all countries and all living conditions settled here.
      We are definitely not isolated

    • Catherina says:

      actually, diseases like measles and rubella do circulate among the Amish and babies are maimed (like in other communities before vaccines) google Amish congenital rubella and find

      The outcome of pregnancy was determined for the 94 Amish mothers who reported illness or had serologic evidence of maternal rubella (Table 1). CRS occurred in 10 infants, all of whom were born to mothers who had histories of rubella-like illness in the first trimester; seven had possible manifestations of CRS; nine were miscarried/stillborn; and 68 infants appeared normal at birth. During the study period, medical personnel identified one additional infant with CRS from Lancaster County whose mother was a conservative Mennonite.

      Clinical abnormalities for the 11 infants with CRS included congenital heart disease (nine), deafness (six), purpura (four), long bone radiolucencies (four), cataracts (three), thrombocytopenia (three), hepatosplenomegaly (two), intracranial calcifications (two), encephalitis (one), microcephaly (one), failure to thrive (one), seizures (one), and disseminated intravascular coagulation (one).

    • lou says:


  4. Steve says:

    Ask your physician the constitution of each of the vaccines they administer as I have done. The answer is always the same. They simply don’t know.

    • lou says:

      Scary hey, they don’t know??? They are told in med school vaccinate its for the common good that’s all you need to know, you are all so smart now bully all questioning parents into poisoning their children?

  5. Josie says:

    Here! Here! It is extremely frustrating that average person has no idea or is given informed consent about the adverse reactions, and those at risk of adverse reactions. I am not for vaccination, but if they deem it necessary there should be full medical history documentation of the patient and the parents. These patients inturn should be given the vaccination information at least one week prior to the injection of the disease/diseases so they are properly informed and if they are well enough at the present time to receive the disease. For example; if a patient has a cold and the immune system is lowered it is not recommended to have a ‘flu’ injection. I knew of someone who did this and they became extremely ill, ventolin did not even work!!! I also knew a child who had been vaccinated for chicken pox and was the worst affected at the child care. Always be sure you are totally informed about the vaccine, what it is and its adverse reactions to certain constitutions (physical health). And more so than anything, keep your babies safe with the information you acquire, remember…vaccination can actually give you the disease.

  6. max igan says:

    Australian Law Reform Commission acknowledges the common law right to consent to or refuse medical treatment. Forcing people to give up that right in order to receive government benefits is coercion and forced civil conscription, which is outlawed in Commonwealth Constitution Sect. 51:23 …It is now time to take legal action against the criminals in government who signed off on this corrupt legislation as it constitutes not only treason against the australian people but also a crime against humanity

  7. cama9 says:

    Why do doctors ask if you’re allergic to penicillin but not vaccines? Some parents have experienced adverse affects and could pass that to their children. Some parents have noted adverse affects from older children so don’t want to risk the health of their younger children. Why does the government believe one size fits all when there are now medical facilities that are tailoring medications according to DNA? This idea that ‘everyone is the same’ is absurd.
    The term ‘herd immunity’ is not only offensive but also tells you what politicians think of the taxpayers – we’re their cash cows. I just can’t help but think politicians passed this because, like the current PM, they have stock in pharmaceutical companies and are looking after their bottom line instead of the well-being of all Australians.
    I feel very sorry for all the parents whose children will become autistic, develop Guillain-Barre Syndrome, etc or die because of this wrong-headed legislation.

  8. jopiyogi says:

    I personally know two mothers who’s perfectly normal toddlers became full blown autistic immediately after the MMR booster. You can also see 10’s of thousands of parents telling exactly the same story. And now we know a top CDC scientist Dr William Thompson has come out and said the MMR studies were fraudulent and they knew all along it can cause autism. We are waiting for congress to subpoena him, but of course there would be billions of dollars in damage, 1 in 45 kids are now autistic in the US, 1 in 38 in south korea (After they implemented this ridiculous schedule). Do not vaccinate your child without thorough research! Please research independent studies that are not becoming billionaires via these govt policies that have no place in a true democracy. Big corporations own our govt, it’s got nothing to do with health care, its about profit. Herd immunity is absolute, utter tobacco science, that doesn’t even make sense. That how much they think we are sheep. But these are your children, please take care of them!

  9. jopiyogi says:

    oh yeah, and well over half the population of recent measles outbreak in the states was vaccinated. So now we know it’s not even effective.

  10. Enrico Lazzerini says:

    shut off your tv they lies to you they want manipulate your mind to be unsecure of yourselves and to believe that any goverment would make the best for you. Instead they use you for their business. Please keep out from fight each other. Instead ask to yourself: who gain money from this? you’ll find the answer more close to the truth.

  11. Enrico Lazzerini says:

    and why do not ask to medic personnel to sign a your written declaration that he get ALL personal and idividual responsability from the vaccination? is there a medic personnel who would sign your paper? really?

  12. Gazza says:

    true dat, nice 1 gary

  13. Bazz says:


  14. Fiona Clark says:

    I’m sure it’s against Human Rights to force this on us. I don’t agree with Mandatory anything. They are supposedly working for us. What a joke. Look what they’re doing in California and Scotland. Taking every right away, taking children away from families, appointing some official to come and usurp the rights of parents. This is a fascist Government and people just bow down to any supposed form of authority. Keep your kids at home if they’re sick. Tell officials to get lost. Start a petition, take them to Court. Fight this Dictatorship. Forcing poison on your babies and we’re next as we follow everything USA does. Go to hospital, if you haven’t had your vaccines they won’t even look at you.

  15. Seriously,

    Are you all saying that the vast majority of medical professions are unethical?
    Vaccination saves the lives and stops the spread of diseases that are now mostly eradicated because of vaccinations – polio, rubella and almost measles.
    I love your conspiracy theories, as if governments are all faceless men who don’t have children of their own.
    Go and visit babies in hospital with Whooping Cough that could have been prevented by the 95% herd immunity and explain to their parents that individual rights should be victorious over the collective good.
    You all seem so certain that people are inherently bad, instead of embracing the decency of most of us. Enjoy your dark hearts and endless anger 🙂

  16. Paolo Biffen says:

    It was Atkins’ MMR-autism study that was fraudulent, he admitted it and was struck off by the British GMC

  17. Paolo Biffen says:

    Correct, it was Wakefield faked the data and report falsely linking Autism to MMR, not Atkins.

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