Logan Gardens Park Logan Central

Logan Central Park Playground

A fantastic all abilities playground for Brisbane Kids, Logan Gardens Park at Logan Central has something to hold every family member’s interest.

Logan Gardens Park playground

Logan Gardens Park playground is nestled in Logan Gardens Park and is not your usual mega playground but rather an expansive space for unstructured accessible play. The ramps and platforms within the play structures are wheelchair accessible (and toddler friendly) and the park is also home to a Liberty Swing for wheelchair use (key required, see below).

We love the unique fenced, accessible sensory play area where kids will enjoy banging on frogs feet, running sticks along the clanging chimes and making some musical magic with drums that sit at wheelchair height. 

logan central musical playground

In the larger playground, there is an accessible climbing castle, slides, swings, more musical play equipment, balancing equipment, a play cafe and a sand area with a digger. The castle structure features a tunnel slide and a dual slide, climbing walls and frames and a bridge walk. The climbing wall is a standout, and unique to this place space.

This Logan playground is one of the original all abilities playgrounds and sits 100 metres away from the Logan Water Park which is a more recent addition to the Logan Gardens space.  

The wider space of Logan Gardens Park offers some great paths for walking and bike riding, along with barbeques, picnic areas and wheelchair accessible toilet facilities.

ramps in logan central park

Imagination Factor

Pirates can climb the ropes to board the massive ship, whilst mini musicians will spend all their time banging on the drums. The play café will have your little ones selling you endless cups of coffee and ice creams. 


Accessible toilets are located within Logan Gardens Park. Many areas of the park are sheltered, with shade sails over some of the play equipment or mature trees shielding young skin from the sun. A Liberty Swing can be found in this park (key can be retrieved from the Logan Central Police Station which is about 50 metres away).

Barbeques and picnic areas make this park ideal for a family day out and a great choice for birthday parties. The play space is designed to be accessible and for the time that it was built, certainly exceeded the benchmarks of kids playgrounds in terms of being all abilities. 

Logan Gardens Park – The Facts

  • Fenced playground (including an all abilities playspace)
  • Rubber and sand base
  • Accessible toilet facilities
  • Liberty Swing (key must be retrieved from the Logan Central Police Station)
  • Forts (mostly wheelchair accessible)
  • Climbing wall
  • Slides
  • Swings
  • Balancing equipment
  • Sand play
  • Play café
  • Musical play equipment
  • Bocce
  • Disc golf
  • Basketball court
  • Bike and walking paths
  • Grassy open space
  • Shady gum trees
  • Sheltered picnic tables
  • Barbeque (electric)
  • Dog off-leash area
  • Located close to Wembley Falls

Another great Brisbane Playgrounds nearby is Ewing Park.

How to get here

Logan Gardens Park is located on Civic Parade in Logan Central with plenty of parking

Photos of Logan Gardens Park



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  1. Krystal says:

    I took my two children this morning to this park. Age 3 and 18 months. They both had a lot of fun, the park had a lot for both of them, it is hard to find a park suitable for little ones. The down side is the parking even tho there is a parking lot it was full, but there was next to no one in the park.

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