Koala Facts for Kids

Koalas are one of our best known Australian native animals, with many tourists coming to Australia to catch a glimpse of a koala. I first fell in love with koalas watching Blinky Bill and Nutsy on tv as a child and kids these days have the koala brothers on abc. Although they don’t represent real koalas, they did make me fall in love with them and I’m sure many kids these days are doing the same thing.

If your Brisbane kid has an affinity for koalas too, here’s a list of fun facts for them to learn more about their favourite animal. There’s also a list of places to see koalas and you can get up close and personal with them at some of the locations too.

Fun koala facts

  • Koalas are often referred to as Koala Bears, but they’re actually marsupials not bears.
  • Koalas are native to Australia.
  • Koalas are nocturnal so are mainly active at night.
  • Koalas live in eucalypt forests and eat gum leaves which are usually toxic to other animals.
  • Koalas don’t usually need to drink as they get moisture from eucalyptus leaves. They only need to drink water during a drought or on extremely hot days.
  • Koalas have very sharp claws which help them climb high into the trees.
  • Koalas have similar fingerprints to humans.
  • A baby koala is called a joey and it lives in its mother’s pouch for six months and then remains with her for another six months usually riding on her back.
  • When a joey is born it is only 2cm long.
  • Koalas can live for 10-15 years.
  • Koalas are not allowed to be kept as pets.

Dedicated Koala Sanctuaries in Brisbane

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary – We’re lucky to have the world’s first ever koala sanctuary right in our backyard in Brisbane. Lone Pine was established as a koala sanctuary in 1927, starting with only two koalas – Jack & Jill. They now have over 130 koalas in residence and have grown into a full wildlife sanctuary to include over 100 different species of native Australia animals. You can even have a koala encounter (bookings required).

Daisy Hill Koala Centre – Built by the government as a koala education facility, the Daisy Hill koala centre was opened to the public in 1995. The centre offers a number of educational programs. Entry is free and koala’s can be seen from two different viewing board walks.  Visitors are unable to pat or handle the koalas.

Brisbane Kids can also see koalas at Alma Park Zoo and Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.


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