Kids’ car racing games to play at home

Most little kids want to grow up to be a race car driver at some point; it seems to be an inevitable childhood phase. If your Brisbane Kids love all things cars and racing, then you’ll love our fun list of pretend play activities that allow them to indulge their passion for racing. These kids’ car games ideas are packed full of ways they can use their imagination (coupled with simple household items) to create awesome race cars and tracks for hours of play.

lightening mcqueen car

Cardboard kids’ car racing games

Kids can enjoy hours of fun having car races in their very own cardboard race cars. They can not only be the drivers, but the cars as well. Cardboard cars can be as complicated or simple as you like and you most likely have all the items you need at home already. To make the Lightning McQueen cardboard car pictured follow this tutorial from Green Acres Hobby Farm.


Toilet paper cars

Ever wondered what to do with the never ending supply of empty toilet paper roles (other than throw them out of course)? If you’re crafty then you can turn them into some pretty flashy race cars. All you’ll need is toilet rolls, paint, some cardboard, pens and prong fasteners. The kids can even help to decorate the cars. After you’ve had fun making them you can have even more fun racing them. Instructions found on Itsy Bitsy Fun.

Pool Noodle Race Track DIY

Pool noodle car races

It’s really easy to turn a simple pool noodle into an awesome steep raceway for toy cars. You can set up multiple pool noodles side by side so the kids can have drag races to see who’s the fastest driver. For a full tutorial on how to construct the ultimate pool noodle race track visit Ramblings From Utopia.


Driveway race track

A super quick and easy way to create a racetrack for kids of all ages is to turn your own driveway into a fully fledged racetrack like this one from Chocolate Cake Moments. All you need is some chalk and a bit of imagination. The kids can enjoy hours of fun with matchbox cars or cardboard cars and when they’re done it can be hosed off.


Zig-Zag kids’ car racing games

To help younger kids develop fine motor skills while having fun use tape to mark out a long zig zag path on the floor (or draw one with pen on some butchers paper if you don’t have tape). A track like this one from The Imperfect Housewife allows them to have fun pretending to be race car drivers and also helps them to practice fine motor skills while manoeuvring within the lines.

For more fun activities to do with budding car enthusiasts visit our post about popular transport attractions for kids.

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