Jubilee Park in Bardon | Playground Under the Trees

Situated on Fletcher Parade and surrounded by Coronation Street, Crown Street and Empress Terrace, Jubilee Park includes a spacious fun playground, as well as a large grassed oval, several park benches, picnic tables and a fantastic bike path.

Jubilee Park – The Fun

Jubilee Park in Bardon is a popular North Brisbane park on the weekend for families. Toddlers and littlies have a great time banging away on the bongo drums and xylophone, whilst everyone enjoys the large and small ‘spider’s webs’, swings (little and big) and slides. For the bigger kids, there’s even a climbing wall. The play equipment is completely sheltered by large trees all day long and features many different play structures that cater to kids of all ages. On sunny winter days, this park is fantastic for a picnic on the grass in the sunshine, whilst letting the kids play in the playground or tossing around a ball or Frisbee on the oval.

Bounded on three sides by roads, the playground is fenced from cars and opens out to an oval on the fourth side.  A great bike path runs along the Empress Terrace side of Jubilee Park, crosses Fletcher Parade and continues parallel with the creek through the very green Fletcher Parade Park. There are two swings, but not equipped for babies. No toilets and unfenced.

Jubilee Park in Bardon is definitely on par with The Enchanted Forest in Ashgrove, but is far more spacious and appeals to a greater range of ages.

Imagination Factor

Mini maestros will love the percussion instruments in Jubilee Park, whilst little shopkeepers will have great games of cafes and shops at the play cafe. The spiders web is great for bigger Brisbane Kids escaping giant spiders and the slides will provide hours of entertainment whilst whooshing down the mountains.

Special Needs

There is no specific special needs equipment in Jubilee Park. The playground is well sheltered by trees all day long and is fenced along the road side (though not enclosed). Toilets are located at the far side of the playing fields, several hundred metres away from the playground (on Crown Street side of park). There are no barbeques in this park.

Jubilee Park – The Facts

  • Partially fenced well shaded playground
  • Bark base
  • Toilets some distance from playground
  • Swings
  • Slides
  • Musical play equipment
  • Play cafe
  • Spring see-saw
  • Playing fields
  • Climbing net
  • Climbing wall
  • Bike and walking paths
  • Bench seating
  • Picnic tables

Jubilee Park is located on Fletchers Parade in Bardon.

For other parks nearby, you could head to the Enchanted Forest or Anzac Park at Toowong.


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