Jobs for Teenagers in Brisbane – Where to Start

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So, your Brisbane Kid is a Brisbane teen and wants to start earning a little money and freedom? Jobs for teenagers in Brisbane can be found in a range of places and it will simply come down to what type of work they are willing (or able) to do, their location and what sort of hours they can commit to. There are a range of ways to start out when you are looking for part time work and the below will help both you and your teenager understand their options and hopefully land a great first time job!

Jobs for Teens – Knowing Your Strengths

Before your teen heads out into the big, bad working world in Brisbane, sit down and identify their strengths and weaknesses along with their interest areas. There is no point in your teen approaching customer service oriented industries if they are not comfortable doing this sort of role. Be sure to think outside the square – if your teen enjoys a certain subject at school, use this as an advantage – manual arts might be the key to getting a job in a hardware store; drama could be a good asset to work in an afterschool care; and great grades could open doors for tutoring.

Finding work for teenagers in the digital age

It’s not just teen recruiters doing their homework, anyone looking for a job these days needs to be mindful of their digital footprint. Ensure your child’s Facebook profile is set to private BEFORE they send out resumes. Google their name and look at what comes up. If your teen’s name comes up in blogs and on chat groups, ensure that they portray them in the best possible light. If not, even getting it taken down is no match for a computer savvy employer. If your teenager has made mistakes or is prone to being photographed in an unflattering light, you may need to look at improving their online presence BEFORE they start applying for work. This may mean signing them up to some online recruitment firms and getting their name mentioned favourably on school or community websites – this may help push any not-so-flattering information deep into the depths of Google results.

Creating a Teenaged Resume

Teenagers tend to have very “thin” resumes made up of charity door knocks and school results. It’s not hard to make your teen’s resume stand out by turning some of his/her personal qualities into transferable skills. No employer wants to read lies or waffle but by demonstrating your child’s skills and aptitudes, you can turn them into benefits for the employer. Your teenager will seem the pick of the unqualified, inexperienced crop! A good way to build up a slim teen resume is with school holiday work. Especially at Christmas, casual, low responsibility, temp jobs are EVERYWHERE and your teenager can take on a few week’s work that will not only provide spending money for January but will also give him/her the edge when applying for a more permanent position.

Working with Teens You Already Know

In smaller local and suburban areas of Brisbane many casual and part time jobs are given on the basis of referral. The best way to get a foot in the door is for your teen to talk to their friends and other similarly aged family members to find out where they are working. This can lead to introductions or tips on how they achieved their employment. Similarly, Social

The Shopping Centre Resume Flick

For employers, hiring local kids means having on-call staff so ensure your teen’s resume clearly identifies where they live. When doing the shopping centre resume shuffle, from shop to shop, speaking to the person responsible for recruiting is essential. This may require going after school on a weekday, rather than a Thursday evening or weekend when juniors will usually be rostered on. Speaking to the right person will allow your teen to demonstrate their enthusiasm and be “that kid” rather than a name on paper. If your teen is going to take this approach, always ensure they are suitably dressed – smart and tidy appearance are a must.

Employment Online

If you want to work in a chain store these days, you’ll be directed to apply online. This makes it even harder for your teen to stand out. The best you can do is ensure they write a quality, accurate application for each job – putting a little time into the process will give them a better chance of a job! If there is a confirmed position available, your child may wish to phone/visit the business as well to follow up and add further demonstration of their interest and enthusiasm.

Teen Employment – Where?

The options above will help ensure your Brisbane teen has the best opportunity for employment, but some additional websites and services can offer further assistance. The list below is just a starting point for beginning their working journey: Online employment sites – some businesses will advertise via the usual job search websites however you will need to keep a close eye on their expectation for hours available. Try: or

Major Restaurant chains – McDonalds is a renowned employer for first time employees and is well regarded for its training. Visit online to put in your application and also touch base with your local store for further introduction. Visit McDonalds Careers ( Other popular local restaurants chains to visit include: Hungry Jacks – Red Rooster – KFC – Subway – There are many chains, however these are just a few to get your started. A quick drive around your local area will easily help identify possible employers. Local businesses – Visit local businesses that your teen can easily reach. These should be approached face to face. Consider the following list as just some of the places that might be interested in giving your teen some regular hours Local job networks – Occasionally local job networks will receive opportunities from local businesses seeking assistance. If you have exhausted all other options consider visiting a network to see how they can help. PCYC and YMCA Your local PCYC or YMCA will often look for juniors to help with their programs. If you child has a particular interest area that is supported by the club (ie they are good at sports, drama, childcare etc), it is worth approaching the club to see if any opportunities are available. Finding a first time job for your Brisbane teen can be a fun and exciting experience but it does require persistence and leg work. Researching online will definitely assist your teen in knowing what their options might be, as will a drive around the local area. From there it is simply a matter of presenting themselves through a resume and face to face meeting whenever the opportunity arises. Soon enough, their hard work will be rewarded.

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What about young teens? When I say that, I mean teens that are under 16 (c.13-16) Are there any stores that might employ teens for part-time jobs?


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