Jacarandas in Brisbane | When & where to find them this year

Jacarandas in Brisbane

Purple Spring Blooms – A photographic guide to Brisbane’s Jacarandas

As Brisbane wakes from its wintery slumber, the hills, parks and water-front blossom into a burst of spring colour. When and where can you find Jacarandas in Brisbane this year?Jacaranda season is soon approaching, with Brisbane showing off some of the best blooms in Australia. Whilst Jacarandas are not native to Australia—they originate from Brazil—these beautiful trees are now a staple city landscaping plant and are dotted around Brisbane and its outskirts. Showering the footpaths and grass with a stunning violet veil, Jacarandas provide an amazing backdrop for your spring photo shoots—what could be more stunning for a family portrait than a crisp spring morning with the purple hue of a Jacaranda?

When do Jacaranda trees flower in Brisbane?

Jacarandas in Brisbane

Jacarandas usually blossom around October in Brisbane; however the flowering season has become earlier in the past two decades. Some speculate that this is due to global warming, with hot weather and an earlier rain season definitely having an impact on when the magnificent trees bloom. Generally speaking, you will see some flowers from September onwards; however, if you are booking a professional photography session or needing to make concrete plans, then October is a much safer date to choose for denser flowering on the trees and a lovely purple blanket of fallen blossoms on the grass for your photos.

Where to find Jacarandas in Brisbane

Jacarandas in Brisbane

Brisbane Kids has found the best spots in and around Brisbane for special photos with your families this spring.

Jacarandas in Brisbane’s City Botanic Gardens

Brisbane City Botanic Gardens is the site of Australia’s first grown Jacaranda tree (planted in 1864). Made famous by the historic art work ‘Under the jacaranda’ (1903), the first Jacaranda grew proud and beautiful in the gardens until 1979 when it was blown over in a cyclone. Today, however, the gardens are filled with the stunning purple snow-like blooms that blanket the paths and grass; creating a stunning location for photos.

The University of Queensland’s Jacaranda trees

One of Brisbane’s most gorgeous locations, UQ has a vast array of Jacarandas, with blooms traditionally signalling the beginning of the exam season. So entrenched in the UQ culture, it is said that if a bloom falls onto your head before an exam, you will fail. Strut the stone verandas of UQ and frolic on the purple carpet under the Jacaranda trees—an awesome location for a timeless family portrait.

Flowering trees in New Farm Park

New Farm Park has arguably the best floral display of Jacaranda trees in Brisbane. The entire park is lined with a mauve canopy and provides a stunning back drop. For fun and relaxed photos, this is the place to be.

Jacarandas on the Brisbane River at Kangaroo Point

Like many suburbs in Brisbane, the Jacaranda tree has been tastefully and carefully planted along the riverside at Kangaroo Point. What an amazing scene—the river, the city and blossoming purple plumes!

Jacarandas in Brisbane

Jacaranda Park in Yeronga

Quite an ordinary park for most of the year, Jacaranda Park at Yeronga bursts into a vibrant and wild display of mauve come Jacaranda season in Brisbane. It is during this time that the park shows off its true beauty with plenty of sites to take in the beauty of this spectacular tree.

Mount Coot-tha Botanic Gardens’ Jacaranda collection

Like its inner city counterpart, the Mount Coot-tha Botanic Gardens boast an outstanding array of Jacaranda trees just brimming with colour and waiting to be photographed in all their glory. This location provides a fantastic day out at one of Brisbane’s most scenic spots.

Jacarandas at Evan Marginson Park in Goodna

Goodna’s Jacaranda Festival is held annually at Evan Marginson Park; celebrating the beauty of the Jacaranda. The park bursts into an amazing display of lilac and lavender hues, drawing crowds from near and far. The celebrations kick off at the end of October with attractions that include a side show alley, food stalls, stage show with local artists and rides.

Roma Street Parkland Brisbane White Jacaranda trees

Now we all love and know the beauty of the purple jacaranda, but did you know that Jacarandas can also be white?! Yes, you can have your very own white winter flurry in Brisbane under a snowy Jacaranda! After stumbling across a white specimen in a suburban street, curator Bob Dobbs installed a lovely path of these pale blooms in Roma Street Parkland. ‘White Jacaranda Avenue’ is located by the children’s playground in the Upper Parkland.

Kangaroo Point bike paths along the river

Enjoy a family stroll along the Brisbane River, along the Kangaroo Point bike paths toward Captain Burke Park. Your journey will be inspired by the many Jacarandas that line the path and give shade and colour as you walk.

We can help you find a wonderful Brisbane Family Photographer to capture your Jacaranda photos this year. After your photo session, why not try a little Nature Play or a Brisbane Kids Scavenger Hunt Adventure?

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