Hilarious Ways to Upcycle Plastic Dinosaurs

You might be asking why you would want a dinosaur themed home and I feel sorry for you if you don’t understand but for those that do then you are going to LOVE this! Also, it is very possible to scale these ideas back to a more sensible bedroom theme for your child if you feel like you can’t  be quite that prehistoric (hehe).

The best part about our idea is that you will be able to use your Brisbane Kids’ left over plastic dinosaurs- which lets face it are a bit like toy cars that continue to multiply and yet no one wants to throw them out.

A Dinosaur Plant Holder

It doesn’t matter how ugly the plant or how dead it gets. If you put a plant in a dinosaur it will always be cool. We found this one via repurposedgoods.com

dinosaur plant holder


Dinosaur Themed Serving ware

You will be the king of the castle if you serve afternoon tea in this Dinosaur Cake Serving Dish. Can you imagine the look on your Brisbane Kids’ faces? Find out how at Three Little Monkeys Studio 

dinosaur serving dish


Make A Dinosaur Necklace

If you pick your kids up from school in this necklace you are going to make their day! Find our how to make it at wearableartblog.com

wearable art


Dinosaur Jewellery Holder

You love this right? I think this is perfect for you, or your dinosaur loving kids and their dress up room. Very cool. Find this at the awesome blog mysocalledcraftylife.com

dinosaur ring holders


Dinosaur Storage

Now personally for me I can see these in the office, making light of a working day and providing lots of opportunity for annoying workmates with the odd ROAR. We found these gems on Etsy from an Australian Seller called Salvage Relics

dinosaur storage


Dinosaur Vase

This might be my favourite because it is aimed at little boys who bring their mums flowers. I am lucky enough to have one of these boys and it would be awesome to have a vase holder like this to place his treasures from him to me. This was also found on Etsy via a seller called Run 2 The Wild



Dinosaur Toothbrush Holder

Bathrooms are boring but not with Dinosaur Toothbrush holders! This clever idea was found via hannahholzmann.com

toothbrush holder dinosaur themed


Dinosaur Hooks

This is great for those pesky little plastic dinosaurs that creep up in the night as you go to the bathroom and almost kill you. You can thank trusper.com

dinosaur hooks

Dinosaur Fridge Magnets

This is super cool- can you image a fridge covered in pink dinosaurs! find how to do this at instructables.com

dinosaur fridge magets

Dinosaur Christmas Tree

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better it does! With a dinosaur themed Christmas Tree– this is perfect for all those barhumbug types out there! You can get inspired at coollikepie.com

dinosaur christmas tree


Dinosaur Toilet Roll Holder

This is genius really because what kid likes to replace the toilet paper UNLESS its on a dinosaur! Top marks for the blue. Don’t paint it brown- that would be weird. This super cool idea came from thechicsite.com

dinosaur upcycle


Mess with the Kids

Finally- but probably one of the best ideas is to use all those plastic dinosaurs to create a bit of magic in your home. Check out this pic and head to this Facebook Page to hear how 2 parents become heroes in the eyes of their kids every November when their dinosaurs come alive in Dinovember! 

eating dinosaurs


If you have upcycled a plastic dinosaur or have some bright idea on how we can- then let us know!

If you are a local Brisbane Kid then the best place to see dinosaurs is at the Queensland Museum.


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