Hidden World Playground in Fitzgibbon

hidden world playground

A wonderful hidden playground with a playful vibe, open and wonderful for happy active kids.

Hidden World Playground – The Fun

Hidden World Playground is a wonderful north Brisbane playground you can find on a  fairly unremarkable suburban road. As you approach the park, you will be greeted by a crazy colourful playground unlike any other Brisbane. Your Brisbane Kid will love Hidden World for so many reasons but mostly because it is so welcoming, big (and open), allowing them the freedom to explore and the encouragement to have fun.

For younger kids, Hidden World is filled with long steady boardwalks, generous slides and climbing opportunities everywhere. A three year old can quite easily negotiate the stairs and it is also built so a parent can easily run after them. It is sand based which makes it additionally appealing for mums of crawlers who are often seen setting the kids up with shovels and trucks in preparation for sand play while their older kids run off and play.

For pre-schoolers, Hidden World playground is a favourite, with lots of space to stretch their legs, equipment to swing on, walls to climb up, poles to slide down and slides to race down. For this age group in particular, Hidden World playground is especially popular with birthday parties, for its capacity to amuse large groups of children. This would also be a perfect location for a mums group gathering as the kids get older.

For school ages kids, Hidden World creates the ultimate game of tiggy with plenty of chances to run and get away and also catch and find.

hidden world playground

Imagination Factor

In the centre of Hidden World is a gazebo and within that gazebo is a manhole. It is one of 2 manholes that tell of a wonderful story worthy of a tale to your older Brisbane Kids. There are also coded stories written in Sentient Mouse language hidden in various places across the playground.

hidden world secrets

Sand based playgrounds always mean it is easy to bring along some additional play items to really extend the use of the space with diggers, shovels and buckets as well as matchbox cars easy inclusions into this popular playground.

Special Needs Consideration

There are disabled toilets and there is flat ground and pathways making it wheel chair friendly but no liberty swings (though it would be the perfect place for it). It is quite a big playground though so you do occasionally worry about where they are as you lose them for a second.

playground swings at hidden world hidden world playground fitzgibbon

Hidden World Playground – The Facts

  • Toilets with disabled facilities
  • Unfenced
  • 4 shelters
  • BBQ facilities
  • Super popular
  • Sand based so can get hot in the head of the day
  • Carparking in park and on street
  • A path runs around the playground which isn’t long, but is perfect for young ones on scooters
  • Enough shade to find a spot but worth taking a gazebo if heading there with a large group of people

Kidspace Playground is nearby for a different Northside Brisbane Playground experience

Hidden World Playground is located on Roghan Rd, Fitzgibbon.

hidden world playground

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5 responses to “Hidden World Playground in Fitzgibbon”

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  3. Bec Rose says:

    Fantastic play area for the little kiddies, although extremely popular over the weekends, not too many people around during the week.

  4. Alice says:

    What is Sentient Mouse Language? Does it only exist at this park? I tried googling it but didn’t find anything at all. Oh, please somebody tell me!

    • Sheryl Anderson says:

      Hidden World has a great background story. Part of that includes a lost species of sentient mice who have left behind their written lanuage.

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