Guyatt Park- St Lucia Warrior Park

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Featuring Brisbane’s first free outdoor ninja warrior course, two separate playgrounds, lots of green space and picturesque views of the Brisbane River, Guyatt Park in St Lucia is a fantastic park for Brisbane Kids big and small.

St Lucia Warrior Park at Guyatt Park

If your Brisbane Kid thinks they have what it takes to be Australia’s next Ninja Warrior, here is their chance to put their dreams to the test! Featuring 11 obstacles, the carefully planned sequence of obstacles will test any Brisbane Kid’s agility, coordination, problem-solving ability and strength. Just like the show, the course begins with the Quinn Steps which Brisbane Kids will recognise as soon as they arrive. Once the first challenge has been conquered, Brisbane Kids will need to balance their way along the hanging plank, climb along the cargo net, swing on the downhill monkey bars, beat the wall, complete the Field of Rings and climb through the Pole Forrest. The main objective of any challenge is to complete the obstacle without touching the ground.

ninja warrior course in playground

A cool feature is a QR code which can be scanned at the beginning of the course so Brisbane Kids can time their race and see how they compare to others who have logged in and completed the course. The only difference between this course and the real thing is that there is no water should you fall off the obstacle, just rubber soft fall.

guyatt park ninja course

One thing to note is that this course has been designed for Brisbane Kids aged 12 years and over and to be honest, even a fit adult would find the course challenging. Most obstacles are quite high and out of reach of little Brisbane Kids. However, with a little help from an adult and careful supervision at all times, Brisbane Kids will be able to live out their Ninja Warrior dreams!

St Lucia Warrior Park features

  • Quinn Steps
  • The Plank
  • Downward Cargo Net
  • Cliffhanger
  • Inside Out Bars
  • Rock Hop
  • Up and Over Mountain Climb Wall
  • Pole Forest
  • Field of Rings
  • Jungle Bars
  • Rail Climb

Guyatt Park Junior Playground

st lucia playground

Updated in July 2020, the junior playground boasts a river view and is only footsteps away from the BBQ’s and picnic tables. Climbing nets, steps and rock climbing walls allow access to the upper level of the playground which features bridges, fireman poles, slides, monkey bars and a rope bridge. Little Brisbane Kids can enjoy playing in the café window or the boat themed rocker while they watch older thrill-seeking Brisbane Kids climb up the climbing net and play table tennis. Swings and a 4 seat see-saw are sure to provide fun and giggles from all ages and are the perfect place to watch the CityCats, boats and jet skis making their way up the River.

Guyatt Park Junior Playground features

• Climbing wall • Swings • Spinners • Double slide • Single slide • Rocker • Climbing frame on a roundabout • 4 seat see-saw • Climbing tunnels • Bridges • Monkey bars • Climbing nets • Cafe window • Compass • Naughts and Crosses game • Fireman pole • Ropes bridge

Guyatt Park Children’s Playground

junior playground guyatt park

Although the oldest feature in the park, the Children’s Playground offers a variety of activities including a climbing wall, flying fox, log roll, fireman’s pole and a double slide for children. Situated under both trees and shade sails, older kids can enjoy the Air Rider, an awesome stand-up swing that mimics surfing and spinners for the ultimate coordination skill test. Big and little kids alike can swing on the swings while watching the action unfold on the Warrior Course which is adjacent to the playground.

Guyatt Park Small Playground features

• Rock climbing wall • Flying fox • Log roll • Fireman pole • Swings • Spinners • Double slide • Air Rider

Imagination Factor

green ninja course

Big Brisbane Kids won’t be able to help themselves, imagining they are the winner of Ninja Warrior after completing the warrior fitness course or an Olympic table tennis player as they play on what must be the table tennis table with the best view in Brisbane! Little Brisbane Kids can play shop at the ‘café’, pirates on top of the playground spotting boats coming in from the River, or a professional surfer on the Air Rider. The open green spaces lend themselves to future soccer, football and cricket stars, while the gazebo is the perfect stage for Brisbane’s next pop star.


toilet block st lucia

Guyatt Park has wheelchair accessible toilet facilities and some flat concrete paths suitable for pram and wheelchair use. The playground is partially shaded by shade sails and the well-established surrounding trees; however, the Ninja Warrior Course is not shaded at all. There are a few catering options at the nearby bakery and shops for a picnic, as well as barbeques if you choose to BYO. Guyatt Park also easily accessible by public transport with a CityCat terminal and BCC bus stop at the park.

Guyatt Park features

• Warrior ninja-style obstacle course • 2 separate children’s playgrounds, both with shade sails • Accessible toilet facilities • Rubber matting and bark base • Bike and walking paths • Fitness Equipment • Large shady trees • Grassy open space • Gazebo • Electric barbeques • Wood burn barbeque • Picnic tables, shelters and bench seating • Street parking • Car Park • Free Wi-Fi • Fitness/exercise equipment • Table tennis tables • City Cat Terminal • CityCycle bike hire • Water bubbler and taps

Guyatt Park is located on 19 Hiron Street, just off Sir Fred Shonell Drive, in St Lucia.

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