Unique Party Bag Ideas for Kids

unique birthday party favour

Let’s talk about unique party bag ideas for kids. Are lolly bags even necessary, NO! But if you have decided you would like to have party favours at your next kids birthday celebration then you have come to the right place. Party Bags don’t have to be complicated, and they shouldn’t be something you worry about or spend a lot of money on. Less is really more. In fact some of these goody bag ideas are just about giving the one thing (such as a blow-up sword).

Party Favour ideas for Kids

Here are some of the favourite unique party bag ideas for kids:

1. Colouring-in books and pencils

2. Bubbles

3. Straws

4. Balloons

5. Books

6. Parachute Men

7. Yo-Yo

8. Mini Hand Clappers

9. Whistles

10. Water Pistols

11. Stamps

12. Mini-slinkies

13. Glowsticks

14. Hair accessories

15. Card games

16. Bouncy balls

17. Handballs

18. Slime

19. Mini notepads

20. Sparkly pens

21. Piece of chalk, a small stone and instructions on how to play hopscotch in a small bag

22. Sunglasses

23. Temporary tattoos

24. Ribbon Wands

25. Make a fairy wand or check out this how to make a Harry Potter Wand

26. homemade playdough

27. Have kids decorate cupcakes or gingerbread men and take them home as party favours

28. blow up swords (can double as a party game)

29. Have a treasure hunt (the kids pack their own party bags)

30. Similarly, a pinata can provide a ready to go lolly bag!

31. Whoopee cushion

32. Glow sticks

33. Parachute men

34. A lolly buffet where you let them fill their own bags

35. YoYos

36. Skipping ropes

37. Popping candy

38. Tutus

39. Fairy wings

40. Matchbox car

Girl painting stick

Ways to Make the Bags Fun 

Make the bag itself stand out with some of these fun ideas:

1. Tie a helium balloon to each one (just make sure you have something inside that has some weight)

2. Make your own labels on the computer and personalise with each child’s name

3. If it’s a girls party you could give each one a little dollar store purse or bag full of treats

4. If it’s a pool party or beach theme you could buy a plastic spade, fill the spade end with treats and wrap in cellophane.

5. Buy a simple white paper bag, fill it and seal it by folding a round paper doily over the top and staple.  The effect is very vintage and pretty and by adding a small bow makes it even prettier!

6. Buy some hessian and sew up to make small pouches – perfect as a woodland party favour bag.

7. Make an awesome (and cheap!) butterfly favour bag using a ziplock sandwich bag, a peg and a pipe cleaner!  Check out the easy tutorial here on the Baked Bree blog.

party bags for kids

Get Someone Else To Do It!

1. If time is the real issue and your creativity is limited then you can always visit an online store like Loot Bags.  They have a number of themed party bags filled with treats for $3.99 each.

Hopefully, the above list has given you an armload (or bag-full) of ideas to help make your little one’s party bag’s the best they can be.  Remember, at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter what you have in that bag as with most kids its quantity over quality (god bless them) and most will be asleep before they have even looked in it.  For them, nothing usually beats the excitement of being handed that little bag with the promise of sweet and fun surprises.

Unless, of course, it really is a bunny.  A bunny will always trump everything else.

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