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There’s no doubt that playing sport has multiple benefits for kids – improving problem solving skills, learning to be a good sport, playing as part of a team and developing fine and gross motor skills, to name a few.

But being part of a sport or recreational activity can be expensive. There are membership fees, uniforms, equipment, transport and other considerations. And if you have more than one child playing, the costs really begin to add up.

That’s why the Queensland Government is again offering the $150 Get Started vouchers, to encourage families who might otherwise not be able to afford the cost of their children joining a sport or recreational activity.

More than 4 million in vouchers have already been snapped up by Queensland families in 2017, which will go towards the cost of club membership or participation fees at more than 4100 eligible clubs.

An additional $750 000 will be available from 9.15am on Thursday 2 February, to help up to 5000 Queensland children kick-start their involvement in organised sport.

They are issued on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, so families will need to be quick when applications for extra vouchers open.

More than 4,100 clubs across Queensland are registered for the Get Started vouchers program, ensuring a huge range of activities on offer.

Another round of funding (round 10), to help with the costs of summer sports and other recreational activities, will be offered from July 2017.

For more information on how to apply online for Get Started Vouchers, visit:

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Choosing the right sport for your child

The sports that you loved to play as a child, or enjoy as a spectator, may be a good place to start, although, you may find your kids have different ideas.

In Brisbane, we are spoilt with choice, and there is a sport to suit everyone’s individual preferences and ability. Popular sports include netball, basketball, soccer, football, swimming, cricket and athletics, and are played in clubs right around the city and surrounding areas.

But don’t overlook the less common sports, such as martial arts, fencing, hockey, rowing, gymnastics and table tennis. After all, these are all Olympic sports!

When kids are young, it’s a good opportunity to try a number of different sports, until you hit on something that they really love. It’s also a good idea to attend trial classes and “come and try” days, to ensure your child wants to commit to a whole season of that particular sport.

Sports for kids, particularly club and team-based sports, tend to be seasonal – summer and winter. Sign on and “come and try” days for winter sports begin in late January, through to late February, and the season usually commences in March or April. Summer sports begin their sign on and try out days in August and September, with the season commencing in October.

To find out which sports are covered by the Get Started vouchers, visit

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