Fun Ways to Stay Cool in Summer

Summer may be a favourite season for some, but for others, especially those in Queensland, it can be a constant battle of finding fun and unique ways to stay cool.

To help you out we have put together a list of ideas and activities the whole family can enjoy, with the added benefit of cooling down, even if just for a short time.

WARNING – Always supervise children carefully during activities involving water

Fun Ways to Stay Cool in Summer

Activities at Home

Trampoline fun – Spray the kids with a hose while they are on the trampoline or put the sprinkler underneath the trampoline

Ice Play Activities – have fun enjoying some ice play activities such as ice and spoon race or ice sculptures

Toy wash – find any waterproof toys and get the kids to wash them in a bucket

Water balloons – fill ‘em up and watch them burst

Slip and slide – use a store brought one or make your own (tarp/plastic with detergent)

Paddling pool – fill up a paddling pool with water and utilise funnels, spoons, containers, toys, ice cubes etc to keep the kids amused

Wash the car – find a shady spot and get wet while washing the car

Water balloon pinata – hang up some balloons filled with water, blindfold the kids and see if they can pop them

Spray bottles – fill up spray bottles with water and ice and let little ones spray the plants, windows, fence or themselves

Frozen treasure – freeze a selection of small toys, leaves, etc in water and once frozen allow the kids to chip away at the mass to uncover the treasure

Sponge water bombs – make your own water bombs using cut up sponges tied together

Water fight – a friendly water fight could involve the hose, water balloons, water pistols or spray bottles

Dish washer – fill up the sink with cool water and soap and allow the kids to wash the dishes or plastic items

Ice blocks – find a shady spot outside to eat your ice blocks so if there is spillage you can just hose it (or them) down

Cold drinks – Make your own smoothies, juices or milkshakes, seeing who can come up with the most unusual and delicious combination

Wet socks – soak a pair of socks in cool water then put them on your feet and relax

Homemade fans – make your own handheld fans using decorated paper

Cold bath – kids will love the novelty of having a cool bath/shower during the day, they could even wear their swimmers

Water painting – fill some buckets with water and get out a variety of paint brushes allowing the kids to paint the fence, windows, patio and anything else that can get wet

Local Activities


More and more waterparks are popping up and are a real hit with families in the hotter months. Many of the parks are free and usually accompanied by awesome playgrounds. Find out more about the best waterparks in Brisbane.


Grab the popcorn and relax in air-conditioned comfort as you watch the latest offerings at the cinema. If you want a real treat, upgrade to Gold Class where you can grab a snack and recline while watching your chosen film.


Don’t discount how fun local libraries can be. Not only can you read any book you want, many libraries have a designated play area, toys to borrow, computers to use or activities and workshops to participate in.


Grab your towel, sand toys, sun protection and swimmers and head to the beach to splash in the waves, build sandcastles and keep cool. Find out more about the best beaches in Brisbane.

Cafes and restaurants

What better time to enjoy someone else’s cooking then when it is hot outside. Check ahead to make sure the venue has air-con so you can indulge in delicious food and keep cool.

Creeks, lakes, rivers and dams

Life is always cooler by the water, so whether you want to throw in a line, bust out the SUP or paddle in the shallows, cooling down by a creek, lake or dam is always a fun option.

Ten pin bowling

Bowling is a popular family activity, especially when it is hot outside and cool inside. Enjoy the air-conditioning and fun atmosphere as you knock down pins in search of a strike. Find the best places to go bowling in Brisbane.

Indoor play centres

Kids love indoor play centres on any given day but will be particularly keen to visit and play if the centre is air-conditioned. An ice-cream or cold drink afterwards will also go down a treat.  

Road trip

Put on the tunes, pack some snacks and hit the road in air- conditioned comfort as you take a road trip to discover somewhere new. Perhaps you can even stop off somewhere for a cold drink or ice cream.

Shopping centres

Retail therapy or window shopping can be fun, especially when you are out of the elements. Perhaps you could give each child a small amount of money and see what they can buy using every cent.

Swimming pools

Public swimming pools are a wonderful way to exercise, cool down and have fun. Many pools have shallow or graduated pools for children, with some also offering zero-depth splash pads and water slides. Find out more about Brisbane swimming pools with water play for kids.

Visiting family and friends

A hot day may be just the excuse you need to visit family or friends that have awesome air-con or a swimming pool. Sweeten the visit by bringing along cold drinks or ice creams to share.

Museums and galleries 

There is lots to see and do at one of the many local art galleries or museums in Brisbane. Most of these venues are indoors and air-conditioned, making them the perfect way to educate children, expose them to culture and stay cool.

Boat cruise

Climb aboard and enjoy time on the water with a boat cruise. Perhaps you could enjoy a ride on the free Brisbane River CityHopper, a paid river cruise, or a longer day trip out on the bay.

If you are after more inspiration on fun ways to stay cool, check out our other articles – Fun with Water and Kids and Brisbane Public Pools with Splash Pads

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