22 Fun ways to stay cool this Summer

Fun ways to stay cool in summer

How to stay cool in summer is a constant battle especially when you don’t have a big pool or airconditioning. So we asked Brisbane parents what they do to keep their Brisbane Kids cool in summer.

  1. Wash the car in the shade- get wet and do something constructive
  2. A Big bucket of water and some jugs and paint brushes… They mange to water the plants and dogs, cool down and have fun!
  3. Some of those $2 spray bottles filled with water… keeps her amused for ages spaying things (plants, blackboard, herself etc etc). It’s nice because she keeps cool but doesn’t get drenched with it.
  4. A wet sheet hung up outside can be helpful. SLURPIES too!!
  5. Hose on the trampoline.
  6. Water balloons! (additional suggestion to provide them in a baby bath full of water on the front deck)
  7. Slip and slide..
  8. Iceblocks!!! especially the ones you make yourself in different shapes.
  9. Water pistols
  11. Wearing swimmers in a cool bath. For some reason wearing swimmers makes the bath more fun!!
  12. Head down to a nice little spot at cedar creek or other natural free water spot to cool off
  13. ¬†Old tarp, detergent and water…..world’s cheapest slip n slide!
  14. mango ice-cream for afternoon tea – A bit naughty… but at least it’s cool & refreshing.
  15. The sprinkler
  16. buy a cheap paddling pool
  17. Play in the clam shell pool, with different size containers, funnels etc under the shade of the verandah. We’ve done it 2 days in a row so far. I hope the novelty wont wear off! It’s our first summer in Brisbane…
  18.  Strip to your undies and waltz around the house hoping it scares the neighbors off from coming to visit
  19. Sprinkler under the trampoline always works a treat
  20. Indoor play centre for us today. Kids ran around and had fun and my friend and I caught up on each others news.
  21. Food colouring in a cool bath with slushie mugs… Used to have clam pool…. Will have to get another one caz spent hours in it…
  22. sitting on the floor under a fan playing puzzles & games




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