Fun car games for kids | Ways to entertain kids during road trips

Car games for kids

Car trips can often be the stuff of nightmares for parents with small children. Screaming tantrums, imminent toilet stops (often on the side of the road, due to lack of facilities), and the continuous chant of “Are we there yet?” from the back seat are regular occurrences during long haul trips. It doesn’t have to be all bad though. With some well thought-out preparation, car trips can be bearable and, dare I say it, even enjoyable for all involved! To help you with your next road trip, we’ve put together this list of fun car games for kids that will keep them occupied for hours.

Car games for kids

I Spy

I Spy is one of the classic car games for kids that’s been around for years. Kids (and adults) can take turns saying “I spy with my little eye something beginning with…” and everyone tries to guess what they’re looking at that begins with that letter (or sound, for younger children).

Spot the…

This game is similar to I Spy, but the kids don’t have to guess what to look for. Simply say “Spot the …“, and the kids have to look out the windows to spot it. It can be as simple as “Spot the tree“, or can be harder like “Spot the red car“.

car games for kids

Counting car games for kids

The premise of these game is to pick something to count, and the first person to reach a certain number is the winner. For example, the first person to count ten white cars wins. Once you have a winner, start counting something else. For older children, they could each choose a different car colour and the one with the highest tally at the end of the journey wins.

Guess the song

This can either be played as a karaoke game, where each person sings a song and the other passengers try to guess what it is, or use the radio or a CD and guess the songs playing. First to guess is the winner!

Car games for kids

Mystery play bags

Fill a brown paper or gift bag with a number of small toys and activities that the kids can use along the way. Include items such as finger puppets, figurines and Matchbox cars. This will keep them entertained for ages! To add to the fun, include items the kids may not have played with before or at least not for a long time. Individually wrapping these items makes it feel like Christmas (just make sure you have a trash bag set aside to collect the wrapping)!

Scavenger hunts

A fun game for kids to play when on long trips is a scavenger hunt, where they need to spot all the items on a list. It’s a great idea to print out one of our scavenger hunt list printables for each child so that they have their own to refer to during the trip. You could also turn it into a game of Bingo, where the child who finds all the items first gets a prize.

Car games for kids

The silent game

Parents will especially love this game, because the aim is to stay quiet the longest to win. You could give kids an incentive to try and last longer by adding a prize.

Just as important as keeping the kids occupied on long drives is taking a break for everyone to stretch their legs. Check out these great ideas for Walking Games with Kids to make the most of your break and to get all those sillies out. If the budget doesn’t stretch to a holiday right now, why not take a look at these Day Trip ideas that are all within same-day driving distance of Brisbane.

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