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healthy meals delivered in Brisbane

If you are looking for fruit and vegetable delivery services in Brisbane to get fresh fruit and vegetables delivered right to your door then you are living in one of the best cities when it comes to options.  Home to some of the best local, fresh produce, Brisbane is a hot spot of healthy goodness and some of the best quality produce is found not in your local supermarket chain but direct from local small fruit stores and farms. 

For a selection of all the fruit and vegetable delivery services in Brisbane, just scroll on through our list below. 

Fruit and Deli Co

Offering delivery Monday- Thursday, you will love the speed of delivery in addition to the range & superb quality of products on offer. While located at North Lakes, they deliver as far as Ashgrove and are hiring more drivers as demand increases. There is a small delivery fee ($6.95) and you order via a private Facebook Group which you can join via their Facebook Page (there is a website coming). In addition to fruit and vegies, they also offer nuts, milk and bread products, pasta, eggs, oils and deli products. They also offer drive-through if you live locally. A recent order to Fruit and Deli Co arrived THAT DAY!!! Fruit and Deli Co 

Charlie’s Fruit Online

Charlie’s Online Store offers fresh fruit and vegetables delivered straight to your door.  Home delivery is available on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, depending on your area.   Their pre-set value boxes (excluding the “ugly” box) are free-delivered, however there is a small delivery charge if you are buying individual items in our online store.  Their minimum order is $30.  They also offer pick-up in-store from Charlie’s Fruit Market (473 South Pine Rd, Everton Park).  If you want to save some money, you can order their “ugly fruit & veg” boxes (the produce that doesn’t necessarily meet the regular customer’s idea of perfection, with a few lumps and bumps here, a spot or two there) or go bulk. Charlie’s Fruit Online

Home Fresh Organics

HomeFresh Organics online ordering system makes quality products available to everyone no matter where they live or how much shopping time they have available.  Their menu is extensive, with all sorts of organic products available including butcher, deli, dairy, bakery and fruit and vegetables – they can even cater to your pets! Home Fresh Organics

Crunch Produce

CRUNCH sources all their fresh fruit and vegetables directly from the Brisbane Wholesale Markets in Rocklea — delivering primarily to homes in the Western suburbs of Brisbane every Friday, and now Brisbane CBD suburbs every Thursday. With over ten years experience sourcing and selecting fruit and vegetables for some of Brisbane’s finest restaurants, they are fastidious when selecting quality produce.  You can shop for fresh fruit, vegetables and as well as herb / salad items on their site. Crunch Produce

Fruit Man Xpress

Fruit Man Xpress is an online fruit and vegetable delivery service which operates from within the Brisbane Markets in Rocklea, Brisbane. Their goal is to deliver the finest and freshest produce to homes all over Brisbane, whilst providing competitive prices for the consumer.  The produce is handpicked and purchased on a daily basis to ensure that what you will receive is actually fresh, not “fresh”.  Just browse through all the products online, using the 5 categories. Whatever you like you click on it and add it to the cart and when you are done proceed to the checkout. Fruit Man Xpress

Suncoast Fresh Fruit

Suncoast Fresh fruit and veg box delivery/pick up service is now in full swing with six different boxes to choose from, ranging from $28 to $95, delivering to Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Toowoomba and Byron Bay. They usually supply the best quality produce to restaurants and cafes, so you’ll be shopping where the chefs shop. Suncoast Fresh Fruit

Big Michaels

Big Michaels is conveniently located in the heart of the Brisbane Rocklea Markets on Sherwood Road. Being situated right in the heart of the Brisbane markets enables Big Michael’s to buy direct from the various Growers and Local Farmers. Big Michael’s delivers 6 days per week – Monday to Saturday. They also offer a second delivery Mondays to Saturdays leaving the warehouse between 11 and 11.30am however in order to receive this second delivery orders must be in by 10am the same day. (SUBJECT TO AREA) Big Michaels

Food Connect

Food Connect’s vision is to create a world where everyone has access to healthy, fresh, ecologically-grown food that is fair to growers, eaters, and the planet. They offer a range of boxes starting from just $48 for the basic box to $62 for the gourmet box. You simply order from the extensive menu and then check the map to see where the closest pick up spot in your area is.  Your order will be delivered to the City Cousin you choose and you can pick it up from there on the delivery day, either Tuesday or Wednesday. Food Connect

Ripe n Raw Organics Home Delivery

At Ripe n Raw they favour local growers to bring you the freshest produce at great value prices.  Their wide range of beautiful produce from credible, 100% Certified Organic Aussie farmers and suppliers.  Produce comes in fresh each day, is carefully checked for quality, packed into your box and immediately delivered.  By sourcing exactly what is needed on a daily basis they avoid carrying over excess produce – making it the freshest way to eat organic. Chilled and insulated esky boxes keep your precious goodies crispy until you arrive home.  They offer a wide range of fruit and vegetables as well as a huge list of other organic products. Ripe n Raw Organics Home Delivery

The Farm Folk

The Farm Folk supply people of Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Tweed Heads with freshly picked organic produce grown by locals.  Do your shopping online whenever it suits you- add your products to the basket and place your order when you’re ready.  Those groceries you chose will then be picked and packed and then delivered via courier to your door. The Farm Folk

Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh are well known for their meal delivery service but they also deliver fruit boxes straight to your door.  Simply select the items that you are after, select the date you would like your delivery and then you should receive this straight to your door.  There are meal plans to suit every diet (including vegetarian) and therefore a fruit box is an essential part of their plans. Hello Fresh

Spray Free Farmacy

Spray Free Farmacy are a small family business that is based in Brisbane. With the help of their farmer friend Kel, they gather a variety of fresh, organically grown produce from local farmers every week, pack it in recycled boxes and deliver to their network of pick-up points (or your doorstep) across Brisbane and the Northern Gold Coast, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  They sell fresh fruit, vegetables and nuts as well as a few other grocery items. Spray Free Farmacy

Farm & Co

At Farm & Co the items you selected in your order are picked, fresh from the paddock, & prepared into one box, ready for delivery on Thursday or Friday. The medium box is $55 and is suitable for one to two people, the large is $70 and will feed up to four people and the jumbo box for six people is $85. Farm & Co invites you to choose three likes and dislikes with each box so that they can try to customise the box to your tastes. Farm & Co

Farm Fresh Organics

At Farm Fresh Organics, their mission is to help you create a healthy family.  They only sell organic food and they only order from their growers and suppliers AFTER you’ve ordered from them.  By not holding stock, it allows them to buy and sell only the freshest produce available.  You can order on the website 24/7, with the company delivering to most of SE Queensland every week. You don’t need to be home to receive your order either as it comes in it’s own esky and can, therefore, stay cool right to your kitchen. Farm Fresh Organics 


BuyFruit is a handpicked and packed convenient service that means you get the best quality fruit and vegetables delivered directly to your workplace, office, home, school, hotel or aged care facility. BuyFruit have a range of pre-set fruit and/or vegetable boxes to meet your needs. BuyFruit products are sourced from the Brisbane Produce Market, for delivery to you through your local fruit shop. BuyFruit


Weekly meal delivery service Youfoodz has launched fruit and vegetable box delivery on top of their existing range of services. Choose from seasonal fruit, vegetable, or combination fruit and vegetable boxes delivered to your door. Youfoodz fruit and vegetable boxes are a convenient way to help you fill your fridge with fresh, seasonal produce direct from the farm. Youfoodz

note:  Fruit and Vegetable boxes are great but you may still need to supplement these with purchases of high volume staples like potatoes and bananas (really depending on what you eat a lot of).

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